Several weeks ago I received a letter from the Norfolk Constabulary.....
the letter was a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Reading further into the
letter it seemed a had been caught by a speed camera going over the limit.
It gave the time and date and place. Now I may be clever but as yet I have not
managed to be in two places 35 miles apart at the same time. (although there have been times when would have liked to been)! Their website even kindly
provided photos of my car.

After several dozen attempts to telephone their offices I finally managed to get
through and explained where I was at that particular time. The person I spoke to
asked me to write a letter, providing time, witness statements, photos of my car and the route that I had taken to my destination at that time.

A week later I got a reply back offering their apologies and dropping the prosecution notice.

Apparently my car and reg plates had been cloned. Good job I was able to provide a witness statement otherwise I wouldn't have had any proof and would
have been liable for a fine and points on my licence.
Well done, not an easy job but you did it.