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    That does not stop the Muzzies from Accusing those who are Anti Islamic of being Racist. If you take a stand against Islam, like Kirralie Smith of Australia, they immediately start up with the Accusations of Racism. 3X3
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Usually, I also don't give a Fuck what he says. But in this Instance, He Is Perfectly Correct! 3X3
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    One controversial issue in this area is the causes of homosexuality and how it could survive and be selected for as a genetic trait. I will get back to you on this in the near future.
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Even I Managed To Unnerstan That! I Also Hate Islamic Terrorists!
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Here is another confounding factor. Men are statistically more violent then women. So it would seem. However men are on average stronger than women so their violence is more likely to cause physical harm and end in imprisonment. But a lot of women...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll I'm a rapist
    I don't think I would feel raped if someone tricked me into sex but I would feel violated. *Goes to dictionary to look up the word "violated"*
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll I'm a rapist
    You don't mind being exploited yourself then?
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    But environmental factors are going to determine what combination of abilities is needed. You can easily alter an environment to make people dysfunctional. There are studies that suggest people have a genetic tendency to depression but they may never...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll I'm a rapist
    If you give someone a loan of a 1000 and they promise to pay you back but fail to do so is that theft? You freely gave them the money.
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    parsonstreet replied to a poll I'm a rapist
    If you need to lie then you are clearly no Adonis. It certainly seems unethical to me.
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    I don't see why people think it is acceptable or understandable to have children to take care of you when you are older. I wold like to see empirical evidence on this claim. I can present evidence of people having large families for other reasons...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Or learned behaviour... :blank:
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    I don't think you have to be a geneticist to judge some genetic claims as implausible. For example if someone claimed there as "a gene for piano playing" or "a gene for handwriting ability" Things like these activities are human inventions and new...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Brain scans and blood tests can give an indication of mental issues. It is just that psychiatrists don't tend to use them. Studies into the size and activity of the amygdala show differences in people with chronic anxiety. It is not a precise science...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    BBC Horizon did a programme on mental health diagnosis in 2008 Proof of its existence can be found in this link to Part 2 for skeptics. A group of ten people, five with mental illnesses, spent a week together and were...
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    Quite right! Fred, you've been told - remember to dumb down your posts in threads where Joe 90 might be reading. There's a good chap.
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    Chris Mitchell replied to a poll I'm a rapist
    You do realise you're addressing Parsonstreet, one of BC's Three Sacred Silly Fat Virgins?
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    It's a chicken and egg thing, though. Victorian families in England tended to be very large, even if they were poor, and the same is true in poor countries across the world today. The logic is inescapable - if you have lots of children, you can expect quite a...
  • Lord Ponsonby's Avatar
    A mere minion who thinks he rums social services single handedly. Somebody who thinks that family court hearings are the business of Crown Court. General delusion of grandeur. Constant conflict with his neighbours over trivial issues. Thinks he 'knows...
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Looks like they have some sort of Giant Yellow Crane set up that appears to be holding up one of the Spires. 3X3
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Here is a Drone flying around the Cathedral showing the Scaffolding:
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    So the Scaffolding around the Tower was part of some Restoration Project? 3X3
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    I looked at the Footage and have to ask what the Scaffolding around the Church was about. Were there Crews doing Renovation or Maintenance Work around the Tower when this all started? 3X3
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Old Wood Burning Like That?! Of Course, Its Old Wood. Read a Recent Report saying that it was a Spark from Old Electrical Circuitry. When was that Circuitry first put in and how well Up To Date were they keeping it? 3X3
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    I have not yet heard of the Church putting in for its Rebuilding. All the Funds are from Multi Million Dollar Donations. 3X3
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  1. TheDruid 3X3 -
    TheDruid 3X3
    I like your New Avatar.

    England and France have been at Peace and been Allies since WW1 so it is nice to see you displaying that.

  2. KiNoRonin -
    Red Flags is used in the Military to signify that the Firing Range is Active and there is Danger.

    Are you in Danger of being Fired At?!
  3. KiNoRonin -
    What is with the Red Flag Avatar?
  4. misty15 -
    Thankyou! I'm obviously too old to either understand or appreciate!!
  5. misty15 -
    Can you please tell me why there is a thread called Misty15 in The Pit? Not very pleaded!!
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