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Game Score Description
Add Like Mad 6,794  [View All] How well do you know your math?
Bubbels 15,720  [View All] With the use of a cannon, shoot bubbles into other like colored bubbles to score maximum points.
Hungry Bob 1,158  [View All] Help feed bob the good food for maximum points.
Letter Doolhof 2,556  [View All] With help of the leaves, try to get the words complete. But watch out that the bunnies dont get you!.
Paintball 13  [View All] Shoot-em-up game with a paintball gun...Shoot the smileys.
Tiger Moth 325  [View All] As a light crazed moth, you must hit as many light bulbs as possible.
MuMu 108  [View All] Put marbles of different colors on an empty field and try to get 3 or more in a row.
Lawn Pac 280  [View All] Grandma has left you in charge of her yard. Make sure the grass is always kept cut.
Big Money 6,293  [View All] The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and money bags as you can.
Jingle Balls 510  [View All] Throw snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.
Mice 2 45,695  [View All] Knock off as many birds as you can off the mice2 to score.
Word Race 162  [View All] Its a word race! 3 Rounds, 5 scrambled words, 30 seconds!

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