Northern Ireland - anti-Catholic Facebook page reported to police
Started by Scrotnig, 24th August 2011 07:37 in Religion & Philosophy

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    Red face Northern Ireland - anti-Catholic Facebook page reported to police

    An "anti-Catholic website"? I hope that Mitchell chap wasn't involved in that! He's a bit shifty when it comes to catholics you know, got a bit of an "anti Catholic agenda" he has.

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    A Sinn Fein MLA has said he has been threatened by a member of the Ballymaconnelly loyalist flute band on a social network site.

    North Antrim MLA Daithí McKay lodged a number of complaints with police about anti-Catholic comments and a death threat.

    Mr McKay said the comments had been posted on Facebook.

    A spokesperson for the Ballymaconnelly band said the band had not made any derogatory comments on the internet.

    They also said the band would not be dragged into trying to raise tensions in the village by commenting further.

    Mr McKay said: "A member of the Ballymaconnelly band has been making threatening comments towards me and the Catholic community in general on Facebook.

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    All linked into (or affiliated with) the belief that you should be careful what you Facebook because potential employers might look you up on it 0_o

    Also, he was just trying to steal his lucky charms, but that wouldn't hold up in court.


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