An interesting one here. First the original.

Now, I am a huge Bowie fan. You can't cover that in any way that is even vaguely comparable to him, surely?

It appears you can, well Lulu can anyway. Now, don't bet me wrong I like Lulu, she's done some amazing tracks, but I wouldn't put her up there with Bowie. Normally.

Lulu covered "The Man..." in 1974, but there is a bit of a backstory. She had help.

Bowie invited her to one of his gigs, then they went back to his hotel room. Whether "romance" occured remains unrecorded but at some point during the evening he said to her "I want to make a motherfucker of a record with you, you're a great singer". Bowie chose the song and produced the recording. I love it. Lulu's version got to number 3 in the charts.

Now, if you told me that Nirvana could do a good version I might believe you. Here they are on MTV Unplugged.

Midge Ure's version was shit though.

...and here's a nice live version from someone you may have never heard of. Jordis Unga, an American singer songwriter, who performed the song on Rock Star: INXS, a reality TV competition to find a new lead vocallist for the band. (She came 5th)