Cameron must act or the will be accused of the very thing new labour practiced throughout their reign.....Theft of public money.

David Cameron is facing demands to suspend his 'back to work' tsar Emma Harrison after police launched a fraud inquiry.
A senior MP will today table a parliamentary question asking if he will block the A4e company's contracts.
Mrs Harrison, appointed to help problem families find jobs, caused uproar this month when it was revealed she had paid herself 8.6million of mainly taxpayers' cash.
On Friday, detectives visited her company A4e's offices amid claims that it took funding for putting some clients back to work for only a day.
Whitehall sources say ministers are demanding urgent reassurance there is no 'systematic fraud' designed to rip off the taxpayer.
Margaret Hodge, chairman of the influential Public Accounts Committee, went further.
She said she would be asking the Department of Work and Pensions 'whether, given the allegations of fraud, they will be suspending their contracts with A4e until this matter is resolved'.