Reg Perrin
You persistently asked me that question after I posed the question about how you felt. Your question was merely a distraction technique often employed by rightards, notably Tinselshit who had never answered a question in his life. You're an arsehole. End of.
It wasn't a distraction, it was a perfectly reasonable point.

You thought I should feel regret that I said Fiona Onasanya should lose her seat, after she voted for an extension to Brexit and it passed by one vote, as if (a) if I was supposed to a have a crystal ball, and (b) what I said on this forum made any difference to anything.

So, suppose she had voted against an extension, and thus it was defeated, would you have felt regret about the position you took? If you wouldn't, why did you expect me to feel regret about the position I took? If you would have felt regret, then you would have changed your mind and believed that Fiona Onasanya should have lost her seat. You see how your whole argument then collapses.