An elderly woman has been sent to prison for feeding stray cats in Ohio.

A 79-year-old woman has been given a 10-day jail sentence after she was repeatedly cited by police for feeding stray cats in her Ohio neighbourhood.

Since 2015, neighbours of Nancy Segula have been complaining to officials about the strays. She claims the cats were left behind by an ex-neighbour.

"I'm a cat lover," she told Fox 8 in Cleveland, after learning of her coming term in the Cuyahoga County Jail.

Mrs Segula has been ordered by a judge to begin her sentence on 11 August.

She has been cited by police four times over the past four years, after her neighbours began complaining of the swarm of cats on her property.


The city's legal director, Tim Riley, said that government officials "as a whole recognise that many are passionate about animals and pets in general".

"We are also aware that many do not feel the same way," he said, adding that the city's intention is just to "enforce the city ordinance and alleviate a nuisance situation".


Hmmm. I am reminded of Viz again.....

"What will happen to old Mrs Segula now, Mr Riley?"

"Well Jack, she's old and frail and won't survive long in America's overcrowded prison system. But that's exactly where she's going."