Nice Fred
Thank you - I take that post as a high compliment.
As for the PMs, I dumped them ages ago as I had all I wanted so they were of no further us. However, further to what you're aware of, I got the house and sold it so the grabbing state couldn't get hold. I also have control of her pensions so there's another nice little bonus.
I'm thinking of bringing her out here at some point before she snuffs it so the pension lot don't know and I can carry on claiming for years.
I paid a lot in taxes over the years so I don't see any issue in getting a little back.
I think "Hoisted by your own petard" springs to mind here. You may well feel that bragging about being a despicable piece of shit is one way of dealing with the contempt you're held in, in here, it's no skin off my nose, like I say it's typical Rightard behaviour, half of them will be congratulating you for what (you say) you've done. Personally, I don't believe you. The rules around Local Authority contributions to Social care pertaining to home ownership and pensions are so tight it'd be impossible to do what you say you've done. Having had two parents in care recently, I know. Up shot of this is that I think you're just bullshitting.