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  1. Forum: Talk & Chat POST: 18th July 2019, 15:02
    Employers want to best people, not lazy idiots that need help finding a job.
    The very idea of helping someone to find a job is abhorrent and totally against the natural way of things where those...

  2. Usually

    You realise only 86% of Indonesians are Muslim, don't you?

  3. so they interviewed random people in areas where more conservative views are common.

  4. Then you read the rest

    One has to ask how the got their numbers - virginal checking one by one?

  5. of those polled, not the population.

    If I wanted a poll of BC forums opinions regarding poofs I'd interview Eddie and whoever, but only if I wanted a negative opinion.

    If I fancied a pro...

  6. By the way, I've visited to 3 of the places mentioned - Have you?

  7. Un-be-fucking-leave-able

    She picked the places most likely to give the answers she wanted, ignoring the rest (as shown by her throw away line at the end). That also suggests she picked places...

  8. in the piece YOU posted - I assumed you've read your own link

  9. Interesting you're aware of that - most idiots aren't, but you're wrong anyway. This is not actually in Al Qur'an at all.

  10. but you know I'm right

  11. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 18th July 2019, 09:50
    That sounds non-PC, but it could have been better

    Someone told the fat, ugly, Brussels whore 'To get out of number ten and FUCK OFF'?

  12. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 18th July 2019, 00:51
    It was probably a scammer :r1

  13. Interestingly enough, I tried to read her stuff on MGM but it's blocked here whereas her work on FGM is open for anyone to read.
    Perhaps the active block on MGM opinion but free access to FGM sites...

  14. Which is fine if the player is without an agenda that allows her to distort the numbers. Sadly, she isn't.
    As I mentioned, she conducted her research in areas known for more conservative views, thus...

  15. Wrong.

    It's a normal part of Jewish culture, the day's politics meaning it's impossible to do anything, but it's very common in the US as well, so that's that.
    If it was Muslim only, it would get...

  16. I've been researching the bitch that penned the linked article - Phew, what a loony!
    She's also seriously anti male genital mutilation, the type practiced in Israel and the US, but nobody seems to...

  17. Because they listed them.

  18. Reliable - really?

    The links to the research are wrong, and the researchers chose areas of Indonesia with the most extreme views, that also suggesting they deliberately hunted out people that...

  19. Depends what you see as FGM.
    There are three types out here:

    Actual cutting - Not good
    A pin prick - Ceremonial, but I dislike the idea of hurting a baby in any way
    A wipe with an antiseptic...

  20. No, wrong forum :bed:
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