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    Happy Saint Georges to my white English chums. And a happy whatever day it is to you my fellow Barbarian heathen goat sacrificing foreigners.
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    Nope, not true. I know a few people who've converted to Orthodox Judaism, and they're considered just as Jewish as anyone else. The biblical justification for this is the story of Ruth. I know a lot more who've converted to Liberal Judaism, and as far as the...
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    Only if you remember to leave your WiFi on so it can talk to you.
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    I think it should be a Bank Holiday in England. Scotland gets St. Andrew's Day off, Wales gets St. David's Day off, and I think Northern Ireland gets St. Patrick's Day off. Since he's also patron saint of Ethiopia, Portugal, Palestine and Malta, and is also...
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    wishingwell replied to the thread Rees Mogg for PM. in Brexit Forum
    What do you exactly mean then???? (It is just like you are doing some kind of dance to amuse posters like Sphincter) so the present system is OK is it? I am brave enough to make a statement, I don't think you will have the balls to even attempt to...
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    Never been called. A relation did it some time back , one highlight was that a jury member turned up late, the judge asked her why she was late, she said she was buying a new dress so as to appear presentable, 'How much was it' asked the judge, '190' she...
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    I did Jury Duty on a Murder Case once. Some Montreal Hell Angels came to Vancouver in 1998 and tried to set up a Marijuana Trafficking Operation and they did not like an Employee. So they called him in and Beat Him Up and Strangled Him to Death. The...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    How does that explain in work poverty?
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    Another irony here is that there are 100's of millions of Orphans in the world who need taking care of. Also thousands of children in every...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame? "The Heruli were a Germanic tribe during the Migration Period (about 400 to 800 CE). Procopius states in his work The Wars, that the Heruli placed the sick and elderly on a tall stack of wood and stabbed them to death...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    I can see why the elderly need looking after sometimes but is that the reason people have children? Care for the elderly in the UK costs a huge amount of money and includes things such as hip replacements, cancer treatments and long term medication...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    I think if parents make bad parenting decisions the government and social workers should identify this and step in (somehow.) It is a hard thing to do though. For example my parents had six children on my dads moderate salary and when we were young...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    One part of the countries population is victimizing the other part.
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    This probably the strongest statement of genetic determinism by Richard Dawkins: "They did not die out, for they are past masters of the survival arts. But do not look for them floating loose in the sea; they gave up that cavalier freedom long ago. Now...
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    Alison Garnham, chief executive of the charity, said: “Despite high employment, today’s figures reveal that 70 per cent of children living under the poverty line have at least one parent in work. That is not an economy that is working for everyone.
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    parsonstreet replied to a poll Who is to Blame?
    Should parents be paid to have children?
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    Lord Ponsonby replied to the thread A Quote in Talk & Chat
    Meals on wheels.... Excellent! You're as good as Reg.
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    I guess all Memorial Services are now done as the 'RIP NickNotNicked' has disappeared from the Forum Home Page. Any word on how it went? I see a Big British Flag has appeared in the Top Left Corner. What is that about? Is it the Final Proclamation...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread almost in Religion & Philosophy
    I could use a 24 Hr of Fasting with the amount of Fat I have. 3X3
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar probably wouldn't bang on about hating Jews and fags.
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    You Are a Dreaming Soul Your vivid imagination takes you away from this world So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time. You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all... But for you, following through with your...
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    Winner of what?
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    Only because there isn't a man, woman or sheep stupid enough to let you fuck them
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    You have me confused with someone who talks to silly bastards.
    Please fuck off
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    4 jan 2012, kunt.
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    Sod off and die
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