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    Good Post against the Inane Rambler.

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Touch of honesty, I can look at schoolgirls of that age that I don't know, and like any honest male, fancy the pants off them.


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8th June 2012
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5th January 2015
  • 10:09 - Lord Ponsonby changed their status to "Smiter of the high and mighty. Google it."
8th March 2013
  • 13:57 - Lord Ponsonby changed their status to "Heading high horse riders off at the pass."
1st February 2013
1st January 2013
  • 16:26 - Lord Ponsonby changed their status to "Just playing along...."
17th October 2012
  • 19:19 - Lord Ponsonby changed their status to "Now then, now then"
18th July 2012
  • 17:25 - Lord Ponsonby changed their status to "She was my Aunty!"

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