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  1. cliveanne -
    Why not? there is always a chance of learning something new
  2. cliveanne -
    The Blue John mines are at Matlock (Derbyshire area) I live about an hour's drive away
  3. cliveanne -
    I like the collection of gems very nice.
    Q) Would I find anything you have in this collection at say, a local gravel pit? I am often amazed by colours & shapes of stones I see at various beaches around the country.
  4. Chris Mitchell -
    Chris Mitchell
    Ah yes, I did join but my messages aren't showing on the thread yet. Guess that's because of moderation? Anyhow, see you next week - off for the weekend
  5. Chris Mitchell -
    Chris Mitchell
    Osean - Samhain is an Irish word. I asked an Irish friend of mine (who lives in Ireland and speaks Irish), and she said that "Samhain" is pronounced "Sow-en", and is actually the Irish word for November! She said there may be differences in dialect, but that "mh" is always soft in every dialect - so it's definitely NOT pronounced "Sam-hain".
  6. Chris Mitchell -
    Chris Mitchell
    Hmm, I posted a reply but it's not showing up in the thread - anyone else seeing this post??
  7. Chris Mitchell -
    Chris Mitchell
    Well, Sapphire for Pisces makes sense as it's blue - but I'm really drawn to Amethyst, and so are several other Pisceans I know. So I'm tempted to stick with the attribution of amethyst to Pisces. Thoughts?
  8. Laup -
    I love you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. osean -
    thats what i thought
  10. osean -
    Originally Posted by Mystic Christian View Post
    Comparing the Pledge with slavery is like comparing apples and maggots... ridiculous. One was degrading and murderous, the other a simple statement of faith. Faith statements occur all over American historical documents (and buildings), thus it's not mind-boggling to see "under God" in the Pledge even though it was added much later. I don't see faith statements going away any time soon, either.

    My reply:
    Really, how so?
    The original pledge was a beautiful testament to America until some blowhard asswipe in the fifties decided to change it to prove we are Better then those evil Godless commies. And as far as slavery was concerned it was okay by Gods standards. Both are pretty equal where i stand.
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stone healing capacities may vary from person to person.
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