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  1. Francho -
    Thanks a lot RDF! I'm safely back in India and it goes without saying that I'd a wonderful US trip. Hopefully it won't the last one! :P
  2. Francho -
    Well, It's always nice to explore other cultures, way of living in other countries other than yours. And surely, If I get to work here and stay for a period say, a year or two, I'll have much more time at hand to do just that... And that would give us the chance to meet up...And that would be just great!! I'm already looking forward to that
  3. Francho -
    It's possible that I could do well If I get an opportunity to come over here and work. Who knows, I might just get that opportunity next year.
    I still haven't had the chance to do much other than work... Hopefully I'll get to see something exciting during the Christmas holiday and this coming weekend... I'll certainly have more photos to share in case I do get the chance to visit places like the museum or Times Square.... It's just that there is so much to see and so little time to do it in....
  4. Francho -
    Yes, I'm still working with computers. That is my bread and butter. As for the trip. It's been an enjoyable journey thus far. I look forward to going to work everyday. The daily train ride then the walk to office and everything else that follows afterwards. Pretty soon, it will all seem like a dream. So I'm just going everything enjoy it as long as I'm here...
  5. Francho -
    Yes, I'm still here.. I've a return ticket for 28th Dec. Although there is a slight chance that I might get to extend my stay by one week.
  6. Francho -
    I've uploaded some pics I shot during my visit to WTC... Hope u will like them
  7. Francho -
    Strictly speaking, I'm there in NYC but i do travel there everyday to work. I'm currently staying at a hotel chain in Ramsey, NJ which is about 45 miles from my work location. I enjoy the daily train and PATH rides that i take to work and walk thereafter to reach office. It is just unbelievable... Maybe I'll post some pictures here..
  8. Francho -
    Hey BD... Guess what ?? I'm here in the US, NYC...

    So when you are visiting me?
  9. Francho -
    It's been 2 years since you last received a message here... So i thought I might as well leave one...

    Truth be told: Instead of clicking on your 'view crowns' link, I clicked on your name...
  10. Anna -
    Sorry I somehow pressed something & it brought me here opssss, I was pressing a game on the list of games played & I must have pressed your name by mistake.

    Anna .
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