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    Here is another character: Mark Thatcher "Mark was sent to board at Belmont, Mill Hill preparatory school at the age of eight and then to Harrow School, which he left in 1971 having passed three O Level exams. He went on to study accountancy but failed his...
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    Simon Cowell went to private schools. He left with 2 O' levels. Fortunately his dad was an executive at EMI. Jon Snow was privately educated and left school with an A 'level in English at grade C. According to you we should not waste money on people...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Poly Toynbee is another interesting case. She went to the highly regarded Badminton Girls school in Bristol but had to leave after failing her eleven plus. She passed one A level but then somehow mysteriously got a scholarship to study History at Oxford...
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    No, not even when I got married.
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    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    I'll be grateful for what I see will not be you.
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    I was a football referee and an accredited football referee assessor, changing my name would have brought the powerful Football association down on me like a ton of bricks.
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    Are you suggesting that we should not educate the majority of the population, but only those rich enough to pay? But then we'd end up as a third world country, like Indonesia. Oh...
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    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    For the fist time in fifty years I need glasses only for reading.....and I am instructed to visit Specsavers in ONE MONTH.
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    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    Bill knows that....He asked why!
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    Didn't Theresa May shovel 192BN into Brussels? What was that for?
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    Interest quote from a newspaper here: "Britain faces shortages of fuel, food and medicine, a three-month meltdown at its ports, a hard border with Ireland and rising costs in social care in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to an unprecedented leak...
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    The function of schools should be to educate people, give them a decent standard of literacy and numeracy, equip them for life, and encourage the sense of adventure and curiosity that makes us human. My comprehensive school was good at doing that, both for...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    I am wondering what the aim of private schools actually are. They seem to be a lot about networking and giving ones children an inordinate advantage. The children of the rich could compete with everyone else in grammar schools. Even when well to do...
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    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    "something of a success" is not bad either I'll tell the surgeon that when I go for a check.
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    Private schools? He's got shit lifting on his filth
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    Dordie replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    He turned the plane upside down and fell out
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    Dordie replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    My Dad was stationed at Barhead Nr Paisley and was one of Hess's guards.
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    Including drugs, prostitutes, weapons of mass destruction or buying political influence? What they are spending their money on is disadvantaging other people. No child deserves a better education than anyone else and education is now considered a human...
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    How many examples of this can you give? There have been a few famous cases of hapless lottery winners but most working class people don't have access to millions of pounds. However there are many examples of rich people losing money, spending it on...
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    Anne Widdicombe went to a preparatory school in Bath. She failed her eleven plus and then she took two degrees one funded by the public and the other by her family and got a third in both yet she made millions as a politician in a safe Tory seat. Give...
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    parsonstreet started a poll
    Do they entrench privilege and inequality. Or are they a social good?
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    The difference is that the Blitz wasn't self-inflicted.
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    Just found your Poem.

    It is Great!!!

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    It's on his profile page. You left him a message. xxx
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    Cali is alright. Don't take it to heart. xxx
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    Johnie B Goode
    Which is obvioyusly a flaw in the design
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    Johnie B Goode
    Well, your message panel is black and you cant see what you are tyuping
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    Johnie B Goode
    That should, of course, e modifications.
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    Johnie B Goode
    Ah, I see. There is a certain degree of guesswork involved in leaving you messages. Just wanted to say I like your midifications. Thin think.
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    Hiya Matt
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    Fine thanks Matt.
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