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    I think it is absurd and deeply immoral that we give children who already from wealthy and privileged backgrounds a better education than everyone else and children from poor, underinvested and penalised areas of Britain may have a terrible education. ...
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    I've been watching old (post-2005) Doctor Who's on Netflix. They are all on there.
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    I guess the Russians managed to Hide it well enough so that it did not get Lost or Damaged during WW2 unlike what happened to the Famed Amber Room. 3X3
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    Only time I had something of an Out Of Body Experience was in the 2000s when I Choked on some Milk and Passed Out. I suddenly found myself Flying Amongst The Stars. 3X3
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    You Are Christ the Redeemer You are a philosophical and even spiritual person. You only like travel when you have time to reflect. You are attracted to anything bigger than yourself. You like to feel you place in the world by putting everything in...
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    You Are Big Ben You are cultured, sophisticated, and savvy. You're the type to get well-versed about a place before you ever visit it. You are a history buff, and you have a strong appreciation for tradition. However, you are also very modern in your...
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    Here's tonight's quiz: What Famous Landmark Should You Visit?
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    Here is another character: Mark Thatcher "Mark was sent to board at Belmont, Mill Hill preparatory school at the age of eight and then to Harrow School, which he left in 1971 having passed three O Level exams. He went on to study accountancy but failed his...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    There is an Accounting of various Parts of the Plane on the Wikipedia Listing: "Two sections of the fuselage of the aircraft were initially hidden by David McLean and later retrieved. One part was sold to the former assistant secretary of the Battle of...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    If I had read down a bit farther on Hess's Wikipedia Listing, I would have found the Answer to my Query: As Preserved in the Imperial War Museum: 3X3
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    Simon Cowell went to private schools. He left with 2 O' levels. Fortunately his dad was an executive at EMI. Jon Snow was privately educated and left school with an A 'level in English at grade C. According to you we should not waste money on people...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Bar games in Talk & Chat
    There is a Wikipedia Listing for the Game: You have to throw Brass Coins onto the Table trying to get them into the Hole. 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Bar games in Talk & Chat
    You only Think You Speak for Everyone. 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Bar games in Talk & Chat
    So how is Toads played? Do you actually use a Live Toad in this Game somehow? 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    Do you know if anything of his Plane or Possessions are kept in a local Museum or something? 3X3
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    Poly Toynbee is another interesting case. She went to the highly regarded Badminton Girls school in Bristol but had to leave after failing her eleven plus. She passed one A level but then somehow mysteriously got a scholarship to study History at Oxford...
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    Our Elections are a lot more simpler. The Election is Called, One Month of Campaigning then the Vote and its over. In America, it is Months and Months of Primaries to see who gets the Nomination. Then Months and Months of Campaigning and then the Vote...
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    I am wondering what the aim of private schools actually are. They seem to be a lot about networking and giving ones children an inordinate advantage. The children of the rich could compete with everyone else in grammar schools. Even when well to do...
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    Including drugs, prostitutes, weapons of mass destruction or buying political influence? What they are spending their money on is disadvantaging other people. No child deserves a better education than anyone else and education is now considered a human...
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    How many examples of this can you give? There have been a few famous cases of hapless lottery winners but most working class people don't have access to millions of pounds. However there are many examples of rich people losing money, spending it on...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    So Dordie will be seeing Very Bright Images from now on. Does that means Dordie will be Overly Sensitive to Light from now on? Glad to have seen Dordie Posting on this Thread showing that he can at least See making the Operation something of a Success....
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    Big Fire In Bangladesh! More People Killed than in Grenville Tower! Picture of it all reminded me of Paintings of the 1666 London Great Fire.
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    Anne Widdicombe went to a preparatory school in Bath. She failed her eleven plus and then she took two degrees one funded by the public and the other by her family and got a third in both yet she made millions as a politician in a safe Tory seat. Give...
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    Read through the Story a bit more thoroughly and found that the Plane had Crashed with Hess managing to emerged still Alive: Are any pieces of the Plane preserved in a Museum somewhere? 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 posted a new thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    Hey! What ever happened to the Plane that Rudolf Hess few over to England in 1941? According Hess's Wikipedia Listing, it was a Messerschmitt Bf 110:
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    parsonstreet started a poll
    Do they entrench privilege and inequality. Or are they a social good?
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    Brilliant score on crazy coins parsonstreet, finally above 10.000 points. You're amazing at those kind of games.


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    nice avatar,,Andromeda
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    The video in you profile was removed from YouTube. :/
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    Drunken flirts are always wonderful when you can't smell the alcohol Happy New Year
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    'ello parson.
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    Been in Plymouth hob-nobbing with the local gentry in Cornwall and Devon. Didn't think of you or BC once.
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    Thanks for a grea8t night and arse Parson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Raisin Arizona
    And also with you.
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    Sorry I'm just being an evil bitch. It's my age and lack of hormones. Fancy hitting Old Market about 9?
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    Ok, Next Saturday?
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