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    Scrotnig posted a new thread Brexit delayed in Brexit Forum
    It was already taking three whole years to leave the EU, now it's being delayed yet again. We are not going to leave. Reg was right all along. Which doesn't happen often. The excuses have now officially started. Oh and it'll cost us tens of...
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    Kleenex are scrapping the term "man size tissues". It's sexist apparently. :rolleyes: The world is going mad. Us blokes can't even sneeze these days without being accused of being perverts or offensive to women or something.
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    Southfields Drive. Saw the house cordoned off on the way to work, given the location I suspected a 'domestic'. Sure enough, it is being reported that police were called at 10:15 last night following an 'altercation' at the house. A man's body was found...
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    How did you come by this Information that Forkers is Stranded at an Airport somewhere? x:3 3X3
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    The Original 1972 Letter written by Olive is still Available For Sale for a Reduced Price now at 65 Pounds. A bit Sad that this Wookey Hole Collectors Item has Not Sold. :j4 I guess she was not as Famed or as Well Thought Of as the Owner of the Letter...
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    On Steve1989 YouTube Channel, which is the Channel that the guy opens Anciently Old Military Rations and Eats it, he constantly shows how Peanut Butter tends to always keep the Longest being Edible for several Decades. So Stock Pile Peanut Butter! 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    Then Trump got Elected who made North Korea the Enemy. 3X3
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    Matt replied to the thread Hi all in Talk & Chat
    Hey Luna, how are you???
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    Matt replied to the thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    I guess so. I must remove the BBC news app!
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    Uh, yeah. Morning Sherlock.
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    Is it? :o
  • Scrotnig's Avatar
    They found they couldn't get off the ground....especially when Forker was on board.
  • TheDruid 3X3's Avatar
    Awens to All: Here is a Display I saw the other day that I thought was rather Tasteful - It eludes me why anyone would find such Displays as being Distasteful.
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    TheDruid 3X3 added 1 photo(s) to album 2018 Samhain
    18th October 2018, 04:02
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    I think we were at a point closest to Total War when the WTC went down in 2001. But due to Political Correctness, they did not go to Total War and just went into Afghanistan and Iraq and left the rest of Islam alone. Right now, I think Humanity is not...
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    Matt posted a new thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    I first joined this forum when I was 17 and Iím now 27. Since then I wake up 1-2 times a month with fear. With the whole Russia threat and Iran possibly starting up a programme for nukes it does make me worry about my future. Youíve also got N.Korea...
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    Matt posted a new thread Photography in Photography & Art
    I have been enjoying photography the last 12 months. Got myself a nice new camera and Iíve been practicing with the shutter speeds. Trying to get prop blur. The photo attached is an A400m at Brize Norton. But blurry as I was quite far.
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    Matt replied to the thread Hi all in Talk & Chat
    Does Peggy still make an appearance on here??
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    Matt replied to the thread Hi all in Talk & Chat
    Yes I am. Spending a lot of time with my wife to be and photographing aircraft.
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    Matt replied to the thread Hi all in Talk & Chat
    Hello, how are you???
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    Matt replied to the thread Hi all in Talk & Chat
    Yes Iíve left the company now. I did move to Mars Chocolate and now Iím waiting on a career at Heathrow now. Martin-Baker was fab, sadly after the Red Arrows pilot that passed away due to the seat going off without the parachute it messed up a few things....
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  1. Remko -
    Brilliant score on crazy coins parsonstreet, finally above 10.000 points. You're amazing at those kind of games.


  2. jaqdeath -
    nice avatar,,Andromeda
  3. Evil -
    The video in you profile was removed from YouTube. :/
  4. ROOT -
    Drunken flirts are always wonderful when you can't smell the alcohol Happy New Year
  5. sphinx -
    'ello parson.
  6. Laup -
    Been in Plymouth hob-nobbing with the local gentry in Cornwall and Devon. Didn't think of you or BC once.
  7. Laup -
    Thanks for a grea8t night and arse Parson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Raisin Arizona -
    Raisin Arizona
    And also with you.
  9. Laup -
    Sorry I'm just being an evil bitch. It's my age and lack of hormones. Fancy hitting Old Market about 9?
  10. Laup -
    Ok, Next Saturday?
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