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    We are now being lectured daily y leftists about the damage being done to the environment by eating meat, of all things. Well, if eating meat is so bad, why isn't every single leftist a vegetarian? Hmmm? Most of them seem to eat meat with GAY ABANDON....
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  1. Alan -

    Thanks for the message re my poem. Seems somebody wants more ! I ceased doing much here because there was very little activity, compared to when I first joined. Some poems had no comments at all, and there were so few others I had nothing to comment on.

    Is there some way this can be turned round ?

    ALSO, there used to be a 4th arcade which was no-fees needed. I was quite active on that, but it seems to have vanished ? If not, can you please point me at it ?

  2. parsonstreet -
    How's your cock Equinox?
  3. KiNoRonin -
    Gotta Like Someone who uses The Stonehenge as an Avatar!
  4. cecelia196 -
    i am cecelia196
  5. Matt -
    Hey Thanks for having my back the other day.

    Atleast someone understands me and doesn't make me feel small!
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