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    You Are a Bear You truly care about every single person in your life. You want the best for everyone. You come on strong. You have a naturally dominant streak, and you don't try to hide it. You are loyal... probably to a fault. You will stand up for...
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    Let's do a quick quiz: What Forest Animal Are You?
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread 15 days in Brexit Forum
    Hmmm. He's fled. No surprises there.
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread 15 days in Brexit Forum
    Ah, here's one of them. Yes, you always DID dismiss opinions you don't like as "trolling". Like your lot tried to do with the referendum. It didn't make any difference then, either.
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    Union Flags were being burned in Iran last week by demonstrators chanting 'Death To Britain'. Then you come into a thread about Iran, and - surprise, surprise - you find lefties defending the country. :rolleyes:
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    Scrotnig posted a new thread 15 days in Brexit Forum
    :s3 15 days 15 days until the treacherous, anti-democratic types finally realise their 3+ years of trying to overturn a democratic result *just because they didn't like it* have failed. Failed. Failed. Failed.
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    Also you will find that many senior councillors have vested interests in property development so itís in their interests for town centres to shut down so everyone uses out of town shopping centres.
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    Youíre not paying attention to the councils! The councils have told us all that they donít want cars in their towns and cities. At any cost. You will obey. If shops and businesses go bust and people lose their jobs, your council has decreed that itís...
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread McNo! in News & Current Affairs
    I corrected your post.
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread "Woke" in The Boring Bin
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread McNo! in News & Current Affairs
    Yes but in Scotchland it is SCOTCH drunks, SCOTCH heroin addicts, SCOTCH fat men in SCOTCH string vests and SCOTCH street tramps asking for 50p for a SCOTCH cuppa tea. In Skegness they are at least English, albeit their father is also their sister.
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread "Woke" in The Boring Bin
    I agree, so I'm giving it an "Eeeeurrrrrggghhhh", despite not knowing what it is. Eeeeurrrrrggghhhh!
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    Scrotnig posted a new thread McNo! in News & Current Affairs
    Hahahahahahaha! The UK government has formally rejected a call from Scotland's first minister for a second independence referendum.
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    Hitler also apparently got the trains running on time, so the same theory might well explain the sh*tshow that is our railway system today.
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    You Are Donner The most lovable and sweet reindeer, you're also a total dork! Why You're Naughty: You keep (accidentally) tripping the other reindeer while flying. Why You're Nice: You're always smiling, even if you've fallen flat on your horns.
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    A bit late but here's a Festive Quiz: Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
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  1. Alan -

    Thanks for the message re my poem. Seems somebody wants more ! I ceased doing much here because there was very little activity, compared to when I first joined. Some poems had no comments at all, and there were so few others I had nothing to comment on.

    Is there some way this can be turned round ?

    ALSO, there used to be a 4th arcade which was no-fees needed. I was quite active on that, but it seems to have vanished ? If not, can you please point me at it ?

  2. parsonstreet -
    How's your cock Equinox?
  3. KiNoRonin -
    Gotta Like Someone who uses The Stonehenge as an Avatar!
  4. cecelia196 -
    i am cecelia196
  5. Matt -
    Hey Thanks for having my back the other day.

    Atleast someone understands me and doesn't make me feel small!
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