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    Being PM is a risky enough job at the moment. One would have to be clinically insane to want to be May's deputy prime minister.
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    You'll have to excuse Forker, he's had quite a thrashing from various quarters tonight, which is why he's being even more obstreperous than usual.
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    She would, until the successor is named. The leadership campaign has not formally started yet. Why can she not have her resignation take effect NOW, and then stay on as PM until a successor is named? Why delay it for nearly two weeks? And besides, at...
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    The leadership campaign has already started. If she left right now, who would be Prime Minister?
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    It's actually "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" - so loosely, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". Which makes perfect sense, really. Politicians do it all the time. They come up with "new" policies, which are generally terrible...
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    Yes it does. The claim was that that there would be an emergency budget with big tax rises immediately after we voted to leave. Which there hasn't been. More remainer lies. And with taxpayers' money too.
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    Which I haven't. Which I have. Which you are. Which you have.
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    What meaningless foreign phrases do you know? "Plus ça change" Yes, I know what it's SUPPOSED to mean, but, seriously???
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    He's furious folks. This is what happens when you dare to disagree with a leftie.
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    But the leadership election can't start until she actually goes, so why is she not actually going until June 7th? Why not go RIGHT NOW, thus allowing the leadership election to start RIGHT NOW? She can then stay on as PM until the successor is named. But...
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    Irrelevant. People can vote how they like, and it's not for lefties or anyone else to claim people's voting intentions are 'childish' just because they don't agree with them. Here's a thing: people are allowed to have non-leftie views!
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    No I don’t. Otherwise in 2010 I’d have voted Tory in order to give Nu-Lab a good kicking. Instead I voted LibDem because their policies were the ones I approved of the most. Also I found Nick Clegg to be a credible leader, and with the exception of his...
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    And who has got policies published for our long term future in the EU?
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    Presumably she can't go right now because someone else would have to take over as PM immediately. So she'd either have to appoint someone as her replacement (and I can't see that going down well), or she can leave on 7 June to allow time for a leadership...
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    No they’re not. There is nothing legally compelling a losing party to hand over power.
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    I tried to read the Link but got a Pop Up in my Face saying that I had to disable my Ad Blocker before being able to see the Article. I am Not Disabling my Ad Blocker for this Article!!! :yuk5:
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    We should not be in these elections. The result will make no difference to any policies that will affect the UK, because we will be leaving imminently. They are therefore an opportunity to get a message to this government that they have failed to carry out...
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    Sphinx Got What She Has Been Wishing For!!! She Must Be Jumping For Joy!!! :banana2: 3X3
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