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    Here we go Brexiteers, this is the start of the mess you've inflicted on this country. 1. A recession is coming. The economy is shrinking. 2. Power cuts all across the country Well done, racist, selfish greedy Brexiteers. Simon
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    Skull posted a new thread Brexit is coming in Brexit Forum
    Get ready for this.
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  1. Hawk -
    Eddie.It is not too late to seek Jesus and repent of your vile sin.Do it now,and you will be saved from Hell.Say yes to Jesus,say no to homosexuality.
  2. Laup -
  3. Laup -
    You Bastard Eddie. I love you. How can you dump me this way.
  4. Laup -
    Edward my darling. Thank you so much for the flowers. I love you. Laup xxxx
  5. cecelia196 -
    hey my name is cece i am looking for someone
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