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    We Canadians say 'Eh?' at the end of our Sentences a lot. Although it sort of means "I am Finished what I am saying, do you understand?", it is pretty much Meaningless. 3X3
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    Leading anti-EU Victorian throwback Jacob Rees-Mogg has suggested the public have their butlers keep the pantry well-stocked in preparation for a no-deal Brexit. Mr Rees-Mogg is pushing for a hard Brexit in order to be free of EU regulations preventing him...
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    What was your point? :s8 Dordie was referring to the liar Mrs. seem to have misunderstood his post. :rolleyes:
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    sphinx replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    *sigh You've got that wrong's when the ABUSE begins...etc.... :yup2:
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    sphinx posted a new thread Vox populi in Brexit Forum
    THERESA May will forever be remembered as a knock-off Margaret Thatcher who wasted three years fucking about with bullshit, commentators believe. May, who announced this morning that she will resign on June 7th, will forever be a footnote in history for...
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    sphinx posted a new thread Nice pic. in Brexit Forum
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    Je suis ce que je suis Mais je ne suis pas ce que je suis.
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    You'll have to excuse Forker, he's had quite a thrashing from various quarters tonight, which is why he's being even more obstreperous than usual.
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    She would, until the successor is named. The leadership campaign has not formally started yet. Why can she not have her resignation take effect NOW, and then stay on as PM until a successor is named? Why delay it for nearly two weeks? And besides, at...
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    Yes it does. The claim was that that there would be an emergency budget with big tax rises immediately after we voted to leave. Which there hasn't been. More remainer lies. And with taxpayers' money too.
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    Which I haven't. Which I have. Which you are. Which you have.
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    What meaningless foreign phrases do you know? "Plus a change" Yes, I know what it's SUPPOSED to mean, but, seriously???
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    He's furious folks. This is what happens when you dare to disagree with a leftie.
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    But the leadership election can't start until she actually goes, so why is she not actually going until June 7th? Why not go RIGHT NOW, thus allowing the leadership election to start RIGHT NOW? She can then stay on as PM until the successor is named. But...
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    Irrelevant. People can vote how they like, and it's not for lefties or anyone else to claim people's voting intentions are 'childish' just because they don't agree with them. Here's a thing: people are allowed to have non-leftie views!
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread I voted.... in Brexit Forum
    No I dont. Otherwise in 2010 Id have voted Tory in order to give Nu-Lab a good kicking. Instead I voted LibDem because their policies were the ones I approved of the most. Also I found Nick Clegg to be a credible leader, and with the exception of his...
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    What is your earliest memory?
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  1. Remko -
    Brilliant score on crazy coins parsonstreet, finally above 10.000 points. You're amazing at those kind of games.


  2. jaqdeath -
    nice avatar,,Andromeda
  3. Evil -
    The video in you profile was removed from YouTube. :/
  4. ROOT -
    Drunken flirts are always wonderful when you can't smell the alcohol Happy New Year
  5. sphinx -
    'ello parson.
  6. Laup -
    Been in Plymouth hob-nobbing with the local gentry in Cornwall and Devon. Didn't think of you or BC once.
  7. Laup -
    Thanks for a grea8t night and arse Parson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Raisin Arizona -
    Raisin Arizona
    And also with you.
  9. Laup -
    Sorry I'm just being an evil bitch. It's my age and lack of hormones. Fancy hitting Old Market about 9?
  10. Laup -
    Ok, Next Saturday?
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