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    They have been shown to be wildly inaccurate according to a recent study which finds that readings can be 581% higher than actual use. This is in addition to them being intrusive as the energy suppliers can tell what appliances you are using and also a health...
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    It is already fucked, but if Corbyn gets into number 10 then it will be totally destroyed.
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    How did you come by this Information that Forkers is Stranded at an Airport somewhere? x:3 3X3
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    The Original 1972 Letter written by Olive is still Available For Sale for a Reduced Price now at 65 Pounds. A bit Sad that this Wookey Hole Collectors Item has Not Sold. :j4 I guess she was not as Famed or as Well Thought Of as the Owner of the Letter...
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    On Steve1989 YouTube Channel, which is the Channel that the guy opens Anciently Old Military Rations and Eats it, he constantly shows how Peanut Butter tends to always keep the Longest being Edible for several Decades. So Stock Pile Peanut Butter! 3X3
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    Then Trump got Elected who made North Korea the Enemy. 3X3
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    Awens to All: Here is a Display I saw the other day that I thought was rather Tasteful - It eludes me why anyone would find such Displays as being Distasteful.
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    TheDruid 3X3 added 1 photo(s) to album 2018 Samhain
    18th October 2018, 04:02
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    TheDruid 3X3 replied to the thread Worries in Serious Discussion
    I think we were at a point closest to Total War when the WTC went down in 2001. But due to Political Correctness, they did not go to Total War and just went into Afghanistan and Iraq and left the rest of Islam alone. Right now, I think Humanity is not...
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    Bill. MC replied to the thread Minus 20 in Talk & Chat
    A day time high of 17C in Lincoln is predicted for Sunday.
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    YouTube was not taken down to include Stabilizing Your Videos. You still can not Stabilize Your Videos with this New YouTube Configuration. They took out being able to Stabilize Your Videos a couple of Months ago and do not show any sign of bringing it...
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    Last night, YouTube Crashed but it appears to be back up and working fine this morning: 3X3
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    It is to divert our attention away from the Brexit sell out. The Media always make a big deal about such royal events and they make it seem as if nothing else is important.
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    I had heard that Meghan was already Pregnant when they were getting Married. So Good On Them and I Wish Them Well! 3X3
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    Then the other Night, I Dreamt that I had recovered a Long Strand of Sea Weed and somehow Weaved it into some sort of Bull Whip. I was with someone to at first Tossed Out the Chunk of Sea Weed and I became Very Angry at the Guy. Then I discovered that it...
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    Your take on it is better than my take on it especially since you have already Posted some Very Good Information on this sort of thing. So there is nothing more for me to add. :coffee: 3X3
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    He is to be released from prison next week after serving just half of his five and a half year sentence for inciting British jihadis to fight for IS. I hate him - in fact I hate him so much that I would love to kill him. Now does this mean that I have...
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    I masturbate a lot, have bad breath and enjoy sex with animals and your wife.
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    My balls are very itchy, and I have a zit on my nose.
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    Fuck off
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    Hi Bill

    Re Genetic, why not look at this forum - There's a section on genetics and there are a lot of experts on there. It's way over my head but it's very intriguing nonetheless, I let them get on with it!!


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