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  1. Mr Fred -
    Mr Fred
    Love Islam, love people
  2. Mr Fred -
    Mr Fred
    I masturbate a lot, have bad breath and enjoy sex with animals and your wife.
  3. Mr Fred -
    Mr Fred
    My balls are very itchy, and I have a zit on my nose.
  4. Mr Fred -
    Mr Fred
    Fuck off
  5. Gwyr -
    Hi Bill

    Re Genetic, why not look at this forum - There's a section on genetics and there are a lot of experts on there. It's way over my head but it's very intriguing nonetheless, I let them get on with it!!


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The South Side of Iceland
Gorbals gutter dosser


Oden! Guide our ships, Our axes, spears and swords, Guide us through storms that whip
And in brutal war

Amon Amarth are fuckin AWESOME!


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28th January 2012

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