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Mad Virus
TheDruid 3X3 scored 8,236, 24th May 22:45
Top Ten Score!
TheDruid 3X3 scored 17,263, 24th May 22:22
First Game In Ages!
Christmas Tiles
TheDruid 3X3 scored 7,810, 24th May 22:12
Top Ten Score!
Syrup Factory
TheDruid 3X3 scored 32,796, 24th May 18:35
First Try At This Game.
Alchemy II
TheDruid 3X3 scored 4,459, 23rd May 06:08
Crappy Score!
TheDruid 3X3 scored 29,500, 23rd May 05:34
Crappy Score!
Fusion Survival Hard V32
TheDruid 3X3 scored 231,400, 22nd May 17:54
Great Score and did not do my Cheat once.
Office Blocks
TheDruid 3X3 scored 35,983, 22nd May 05:51
First Game In Ages!
TheDruid 3X3 scored 58,400, 22nd May 05:35
New Personal Best!
TheDruid 3X3 scored 9,000, 22nd May 05:31
First Try At This Game.
Lovely Fred scored 179,880, 21st May 23:49
All I wanted was another 22,000 - Ho hum
Lovely Fred scored 147,070, 18th May 23:36
Sort of accep
Fusion Survival Hard V32
TheDruid 3X3 scored 138,570, 18th May 17:46
Blitzing This Game.
TheDruid 3X3 scored 500, 18th May 17:31
New Personal Best!
Flash Tiles
wratha scored -231, 17th May 17:10
Beat that! lol
kneebs76 is the new Chairlift Challenge champion with a score of 3,070
13:08 25th May 2020
sphinx is the new Gametic Mahjongg champion with a score of 24,680
12:42 25th May 2020
zinzan is the new Shift Poker Solitaire champion with a score of 5,137
10:24 25th May 2020
zinzan is the new Showdown Poker champion with a score of 7,379
09:45 25th May 2020
zinzan is the new Funny Buttons champion with a score of 295
04:07 25th May 2020
parsonstreet is the new MemorEyes champion with a score of 60
00:09 25th May 2020
parsonstreet is the new Witch Lore champion with a score of 104,305
23:11 24th May 2020
superwoman is the new Letter Doolhof champion with a score of 3,136
22:44 24th May 2020
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kneebs76 scored 3,020 points
kneebs76 scored 3,070 points
kneebs76 scored 2,435 points
kneebs76 scored 885 points

121 crowns

104 crowns

90 crowns


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Champion: sphinx
High Score: 337,828
Personal Best: N/A
QQ Connection
Click with your mouse to join any 2 matching tiles. connect the 2 tiles with a straight line of 2 or fewer corners.(side by side is good,too!) If you make a good match,the tiles will fade away. If you match all the tiles,you win the level.
Champion: zinzan
High Score: 1,150
Personal Best: N/A
Fit the tetris pieces into the quad. Restart will submit if you don't finish.
Champion: kneebs76
High Score: 15,700
Personal Best: N/A
Queen Jewel
Match the Jewel in 3 or more rows!
Champion: superwoman
High Score: 16,555
Personal Best: N/A
Quick Stack
Stack the colors.
Champion: kneebs76
High Score: 3,375
Personal Best: N/A
 Take a good look at the pictures at the beginning of each round. Remember them! When they are turned closed find the pairs.
Champion: parsonstreet
High Score: 37,800
Personal Best: N/A
a puzzle game
Champion: parsonstreet
High Score: 68,500
Personal Best: N/A
Quix 2 Square
Please Check help within the game help.
Champion: parsonstreet
High Score: 73,400
Personal Best: N/A

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