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Zodiac Leo Mahjong
Description: Mahjong is a game that comes from china. The Object is to clear all stones in the field, search for two simulair stones that are not connected to other stones. Pairs can be: two stones that are the same, two stones from the four seasons or two stones from the four flowers.
with a score of 57,380
Best Ever Score: 65,460
scored by Remko
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# Username Score Comment Time
1 sphinx [View Crowns] 57,380 25th June 2020 00:18
2 superwoman [View Crowns] 57,160 25th April 2020 01:02
3 sphinx [View Crowns] 52,940 17th June 2020 21:59
4 misty15 [View Crowns] 52,540 18th June 2020 08:31
5 sphinx [View Crowns] 44,200 17th June 2020 21:41

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