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Posted by Scrotnig on 11th June 2011 at 19:07 (1445 Views)
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Chatbox in the arcade
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As many are now aware, today we've added a nifty little chatbox into the Arcade.

What's the point of this? You might well ask, since generally BC is against shoutboxes and chatboxes for a variety of reasons.

Well, the idea came from Sphinx and in simple terms what we wanted to do was take all these arcade players who NEVER post in the forums, and see if we can get them intereacting in some way. Since this is a community, and communities are all about interaction, yet the arcades by nature are quite a solo thing.

What we wanted was a simple, easy to use way for arcade players to message each other, and it has to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Doesn't take them away from the arcade page.

We know from experience that we can't get arcade players into the forums, it just doesn't happen. What we needed was a way to get them talking to each other EVEN if they are in the middle of the game.

And that's what the chatbox uses AJAX technology to refresh the chat window every thirty seconds, without interrupting any games that the user might be playing.

Finally, for those who REALLY can't stand this sort of thing, the chatbox can be collapsed, and once collapsed it stays collapsed across the different pages until you "un-collapse" it again.
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  1. Evil -
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    Seems like it's pretty popular.
  2. Scrotnig -
    Scrotnig's Avatar
    Seems like it's pretty popular.
    It's certainly been a good move.


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