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Posted by Scrotnig on 3rd January 2011 at 11:22 (1508 Views)
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Losing your job
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Well now that Christmas is over for yet another yea, it's time to start facing up to some harsh realities.

2011 is going to be the year that I lose my job again, just like 2008 was.

The company I work for is to be split in two, my half is to be sold to a competitor, and the competitor will be getting rid of all the jobs as they already have their own people who will be taking on the work, and they don't require the office either.

Even the staff in the "retained" side have no future, as the office is stlll being disposed of and the work transferred to the company's other office hundreds of miles away.

So once again after years of having "loyalty" demanded of us, we're all going to be dropped like a hot potato with no redundancy payoff simply so some multi-millionaires can become even richer.

And thanks to Nu-Lab, because less than 100 staff will be initially affected, I will only get 30 days "consultation", not the 90 days I *would* have got before Nu-Lab changed the rules to assist their big business chums.

This time, I am not cooperating with the process. If they want rid of me they can do it without my help. I know from previous redundancies, "consultation" is a sham so I shall refuse to attend any of the meetings, and I shall refuse to sign any of the paperwork. Leave them to it. They will get rid of me anyway so none of it actually matters.

There are rumours that this sale is actually going to be announced tomorrow. I think that's not true, it's too soon, the internal "splitting" of systems hasn't been done yet. But by the summer it will confirmed.
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