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  1. Calidore -
    Ha ha, I've got a client looking for a new job in Hollywood, her name's Angelina and I think she's got a good CV but has had some PR trouble recently, can your help?
  2. Reg Perrin -
    Reg Perrin
    Cali, just to let you know...I still think you're a fuckin hoot, yer twat.
  3. Calidore -
    HI Reggie!
  4. Calidore -
    You're bouncing him around at will tonight, Reg!
  5. Reg Perrin -
    Reg Perrin
    Hi Cali!!!
  6. Reg Perrin -
    Reg Perrin
    Why! thank you!!
  7. Calidore -
    I affirm my friendship.
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