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  1. Scrotnig -
    Actually I just managed to replicate your problem.

    I have tracked down the issue. You should be able to post ok now.
  2. Scrotnig -
    I just managed to make a test post ok from your login.
    Please go here:
    and tell me what browser the forum thinks you are running.
  3. KiNoRonin -
    I tried posting the Gaelic Word 'Prowal' onto my Gaelic Word Thread in my Pagans Forum and it says I can not Post there as the Thread is Closed.

    So the Malfunction preventing me from being able to Post anything is happening on all Forums except my Voyages Thread for some strange reason or another.

  4. KiNoRonin -
    I am having a Malfunction!

    The Only Thread I can post onto in my Poetry, Reading and Writing Forum is my Voyages Story. Any other Thread, it informs me that the Thread is Closed disallowing me to be able to Post anything.

    Then I tried Posting on the Feedback Forum on your thread asking for Reports on any Malfunctions on your new Upgrade and I can not Post anything there either.

    That needs to be Fixed.

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