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Scrotnig helps to run a successful online community that has been running since 2002. He also writes really boring blogs that nobody reads.

    Posted by Scrotnig on 7th May 2014 at 15:45 (Blog Of An Admin)
  1. MAY

    I thought I'd post a blog

    Just to see if anyone noticed.
  2. Posted by Scrotnig on 13th February 2013 at 00:05 (Blog Of An Admin)
  3. FEB

    Sunset Blog: 13th Feb 2013

    A month since my last blog, so let's see how much things have moved on.

    Here's how things were a month ago:

    Jan 13, 2013 8:19 AM 4:17 PM 7h 28m 07s + 2m 26s
    Here's the situation now...moved on about an hour. Fantastic, and so it's now broad daylight at 5pm:

  4. Posted by Scrotnig on 13th January 2013 at 10:26 (Blog Of An Admin)
  5. JAN

    Sunset Blog: 13th Jan 2013

    Following on from my earlier Sunset Blog, here' s the latest update.

    This is how the sunset times looked on the shortest day, nearly half an hour in only three weeks:

    Dec 21, 2012 8:23 AM 3:51 PM 7h 28m 07s − 0m 02s
    Here's how fast it has already moved:

  6. Posted by Scrotnig on 29th December 2012 at 20:41 (Blog Of An Admin)
  7. DEC

    Sunset Blog: 29th Dec 2012

    I thought I'd start my occasional series of sunset blogs again, charting how the nights draw out as we head towards spring.

    From the shortest day on 21st dec we have already gained 10 minutes, which is great.

    Dec 21, 2012 8:23 AM 3:51 PM 7h 28m 07s − 02s
  8. Posted by Scrotnig on 18th October 2012 at 22:34 (Blog Of An Admin)
  9. OCT

    Just a test


    Bloody firefox is a pest!
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