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    Posted by KiNoRonin on 1st September 2007 at 21:03
  1. SEP

    Road Trip to Grandma's Memorial

    After finishing Working Tuesday the 21st of August at 4:30pm, I headed off East right away.

    I got to just 20 Klm West of Sicamous BC when it got too late to carry on. I pulled off the road onto a Logging Road and found a unused Farm Field. I backed into it, set up my 2 Man Dome Tent and got about 6 hour Sleep.

    I then got up and drove into Banff. When I drove through Golden BC, I happened upon a Truck Wreck. It had taken a turn too quickly and flipped over onto its ...
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  2. Posted by KiNoRonin on 30th August 2007 at 00:19
  3. AUG

    My Pilgrimage to The Stonehenge

    I got together with Chris Mitchell, Lawp, and Mark B at Bristol and they took me for a Great Tour of the Glastonbury Tor. All three of them took turns paying for Gas, and Food for the Trip around, but all three of them refused my offers to put in anything.

    We then went to Avebury where Mark B headed back to Manchester.

    Chris then gave me a guided tour of the Avebury Stones with Lawp tagging along, and then we went into Avebury's Pub: The Red Lion.

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