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    Posted by NiNjiiN on 13th January 2010 at 05:31
  1. JAN

    Oh my pookin' god, what a cheese!

    Old Shire Vintage from Morrisons.

    It's a creamy looking stunner in a verdant green wax jacket.

    It's so nice that I've been defending it for days. A small bite gives waves of tantalising taste for about thirty seconds. The aftertaste makes you go hmmm.

    If you like a proper powerful kick ass cheese with a good hard poke of flavour, this is your cheese. The texture is simply dreamy.

    Second ony to the vintage cave aged cheddar from Cheddar. ...
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  2. Posted by NiNjiiN on 25th December 2009 at 00:32
  3. DEC

    Happy X-mas. Good time for cheese.

    I learned that an epiglotis looks like a wiggly finger, and tonsils don't look like man fruits.

    X-mas has provided me with an veritable hillock of different cheeses, including Bowland.

    Merry happy joy stuff and things.

    Hello George. xxx
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  4. Posted by NiNjiiN on 7th November 2009 at 09:32
  5. NOV

    Lancashire outrage!

    I normally love my local market cheese stall but they just went too far about three weeks ago.

    I'm partial to their extra mature cheese but I thought I'd have a change and go for their Tasty cheddar instead. I was standing about half a pace from the counter when a tiny old woman squeezed in front of me. I was a bit miffed but decided to let her get away with it. As a result I waited a considerable amount of time before being served.

    When the cheese wench finally asked ...
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  6. Posted by NiNjiiN on 21st November 2008 at 12:17
  7. NOV

    Urgent cheese update!

    Areet peeps!

    For those of you who have been following my riveting cheese related blog entries, I must tell you that I have learned to make a stonkingly brilliant cheese sauce while I've been away, and plan to make... wait for it... a blue cheese and broccoli soup at some point next year! I also consumed more of the fabled Guiness cheese a few months ago. It was totally yumlicious.

    I have no interwebz to punctuate my cheese scoffing days with as yet in my ...
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  8. Posted by NiNjiiN on 4th November 2007 at 19:00
  9. NOV

    I'm cold and I have no cheese!

    The temperature here has dropped considerably this evening, so it's woolly jumpers and pink yeti slippers time.

    I've had no cheese for two days now. Money is tight, so I may not get any for another couple of days! Quelle horreur!

    I may go mad in that time. My lack of cheese intake seems to be causing a chemical imbalance in my brain already. I'm looking at each thing I consume and wishing it had cheese on/in it. Last night I dreamed of great big piles of ...
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