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Game Score Description
Curveball 32,705  [View All] Outpace your computer opponent in a fast game of Curveball.
Sonic Heroes Puzzle 3,720  [View All] A sonic puzzle game.
Squares 14,034  [View All] Use your small square to collect like squares. Very addicting.
Aim & Fire 1,160  [View All] Shoot the cans with the appropriate symbols..
Animal Rescue 2,500  [View All] Save the furry creatures with your blanket by bouncing them into the leaves.
Apple Season 99  [View All] Catch as many falling apples as you can within the allocated time.
Apple Shoot 3,330  [View All] Shoot the falling apples. Miss 3 red apples and its all over!
Beach Pong 93  [View All] Keep the ball in the air.
Bee Wars 13,050  [View All] Shoot the bees from the sky.
Breakout 20,040  [View All] Use a ball and paddle to smash your way through a series of regenerating blocks.
Casino Blackjack 8,000  [View All] Get prepared for vegas in this fully functional game of blackjack.
Helicopter 2,020  [View All] The original Helicopter game, with thanks to
Hexxagon 35  [View All] An addictive puzzle game!
Jail Break 100  [View All] Criminals are escaping jail. Shoot'em up!
KickUps 100  [View All] Click the ball as many times as you can!
Maeda Path 13,230  [View All] A game of eye-hand coordination.
Mini KickUps 44  [View All] KickUps with a smaller ball.
Money Money Money 10,000  [View All] Help Piggy collect all the falling coins.
Target 2,360  [View All] Test out your shooting skills with this simple target game.
vBTetris 149,067  [View All] Tetris version used in the vbProArcade, for vBulletin 2.
Hoth Shot 84  [View All] Photograph an exotic fauna at the jungle planet of Hoth. Dont take pictures of the crew members, just the animals.
Jasons Pong 27,260  [View All] A single player pong game with a bonus incentive.
Karts 83,000  [View All] Rev your engines, and get ready to drive the race of your life.
Autobahn 7,987  [View All] Show off your drive skills whilst avoiding the cars on the motorway
Mission Mars 6,420  [View All] Drop bombs to destroy buildings and level the city to secure your landing.
Pedestrian Killer 199  [View All] Get your own back on the pedestrians, kill as many as you can in the time limit.
Pogo Panic 37  [View All] Simon says on a pogo sticke.
Population Tire 431  [View All] Kick the tire and keep it in the air. Bounce it off other objects but never let it hit the ground. Based of the classic arcade game.
Sack Smash 123  [View All] Smash the evil gnomes for maximum points.
Shoot The Gatso 10,000  [View All] Its time to take revenge on them speed cameras we all love to hate!
Zoo Keeper 12,670  [View All] Match the save 2 cards to score points in this puzzle game.
Tiger Moth 3,145  [View All] As a light crazed moth, you must hit as many light bulbs as possible.
Stick Avalanche 17,629  [View All] Move your stick figure away from falling stuff. By touching the red objects you are awarded 200 extra points. Be careful or your character will be crushed!
Sport Snacker 1,175  [View All] Dont let the boys go hungry while theyre watching sports on TV!
Rabbit Hunter 145  [View All] Kill as many rabbits as you can within the allocated time!
Yeti 7: Snowboard Freeride 5,437  [View All] Part 7 of Yetisports!
Bounce Back 11,134  [View All] Another replica of the arcade hit, Arkanoid.
Macman 3,840  [View All] The Mac returns! Eat the pills and grab a 40. jack up your score in this arcade classic by Pimps Alott.
Let it Ride 3,200  [View All] Popular vegas game where the object is to make a hand with yours and the dealers.
Lawn Pac 445  [View All] Grandma has left you in charge of her yard. Make sure the grass is always kept cut.
2 Ball Pool [View All] An odd variance of pool
Yeti 9: Final Spit 1,053  [View All] Aim your spit at the penguins and walking bison for points and extra time. Avoid hitting anything else or you will lose points!
Parachute Panic 79  [View All] Based on the classic arcade game, catch the parachuters jumping from the helicopter before they land in the water.
Mosquito Kill 2,630  [View All] Splat those pesky mosquitos before they drink all of your blood!
Magic Ball 100  [View All] A bubble bobble type puzzle game.
Magatack 75  [View All] You are a wizard in this shooting game.
Yeti 10: Icicle Climb 10,785  [View All] A new adventure that helps a penguin who lost his way to jump up high.
Big Money 4,983  [View All] The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and money bags as you can.
2D Memory Trial 50,000  [View All] Classic game of pairs. Match two pairs of shapes behind the cards.
Snake Shooter 5,050  [View All] Your task is to shoot as many snakes as you can.
Monster 111  [View All] A great game provided by Save as many people as you can before the mosters eat them.
Enemy Shooting 2,795  [View All] Shoot'em up with an amazingly creative name.
Asteroids 2k3 25,695  [View All] New and improved asteroids game.
Alpha Force 213,000  [View All] A good old fashion side scrolling shoot-em-up. Bosses? Smart bombs? Power up? 5 levels of frantic action as you battle to save the earth?
2D Knockout 367  [View All] Box the top ranked boxers in the world and try to win it all!
Arkanoid 20,400  [View All] An Arkanoid game.
Jingle Balls [View All] Throw snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.
Asteroids2000 2,950  [View All] An asteroids game.
Colors 3,500  [View All] Another version of the classic hand held Simon game.
Counterstrike 15  [View All] Its frag fest time in this recreation of the popular shooting game.
Fall Down 67,120  [View All] The object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. Sounds easy?
Garage Tennis 29  [View All] Play tennis against your garage door. Dont miss the ball!
Luigis Day 13,130  [View All] Its luigis turn to save the day by collection the stars Mario forgot...
Mario Catcher 10,012  [View All] Catch Mario with your pipe.
Mars Massacre 1,000  [View All] Shoot down the enemy ships before they shoot you. Lookout for friendly fire!
Milk Panic 5,520  [View All] Milk the cows before its too late
Mili & Tary Snow 745  [View All] Bat your friend as far as you can. A game based on the yeti series..
Ollie Skates 1,270  [View All] Dodge the open manholes on your skateboard but avoid the Bubbles.
Missile Attack 500  [View All] Shoot the missiles coming at you before they hit you.
Mister Fox 1,550  [View All] Collect items for points while avoiding monsters and obstructions.
Mystery Science Torture 3000 237  [View All] The intent of this game is to be slightly less stupid than the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.
Pepsi Pinball 3,336,734  [View All] Pinball with a wild west setting
Quick Draw 2,200  [View All] Shoot buster before he shoots you.
Quick Shot 88  [View All] Basketball game, just slam dunk for points.
Shootout 101  [View All] Shoot anything that moves.
Pumpkin Slasher 38  [View All] Slash as many pumpkins in the graveyard as you can for maximum points.
Space Invaders 54,500  [View All] Get some practice in for that trip to Vegas
Simpsons Snow Fight 775  [View All] Its christmas in Springfield and with it always comes snow and snowball fights. Test your aim on the citizens of springfield, but lookout for Nelson!
3D SuperBall 63  [View All] Goal! See if you can be tops in this 3D classic
Smack the Rabbit 108  [View All] Smack the rabbit.
Snake 7,591  [View All] The mobile phone classic, "Snake" can now be played on your PC! Save your phone battery and play to get a high score on the leaderboard

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