Simple Metre
Started by Bombadil1247, 25th October 2005 10:33 in Poetry, Books & Writing

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    Whew! I took a break because it was going a little fast, only to come back and find my elephant had grown some more legs while I was away!

    I couldn't tell you what all the names are, but I think I understand the rhythm, after all, I am kinesthetic and feel when I think. From the little Yoji has taught me about drumming it seems very much like it. You don't think snare, bass, snare snare, bass, you think dip, dum, dipdip, dum. I hope that made sense!

    A principal understood by anyone who has done martial arts for long enough. The end result is 'wu wei' which means 'without action', better translated as 'without making a concious action'.

    I found that R. Kipling poem very Buddhist.

    Nice to see another face in here Bad Tiger!

    Thanks for your time Bombadil
    . xxx
    Hi, ninjiin,

    sorry for the delay. This workshop is designed so that a reader can work his/her way through at a comfortable pace - there's no time limit on understanding
    On the elephant growing, remember even though you can still only take one bite at a time, that fella is still going to disappear eventually. Kipling did spend some time in India so it is possible that some Buddhist principles rubbed of but check out his 'Female of the species' piece before making up your mind,

    The Female of the Species - Kipling

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    I quite liked that. I'm still in 'essay evaluation mode' after uni, and I believe it has helped me to be able to see things about the structure of the poem that I hadn't done before.

    I think I was also able to see the rhythm better, or perhaps notice it more, so the lessons must be working.

    As for the Buddhist aspect of this poem, I don't think it was or it wasn't. It seemed like on observation over personal opinion.

    That's two by Kipling that I've read, and two I liked. xxx


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