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I did miss it. When I am posting at work, I have to fit writing a reply around my workflow, so that by the time I have posted it is sometimes the case that there's posts above mine that I haven't read. I try to check but I sometimes forget or miss a post or two.

The link in that post of yours works just fine here.

The difference in the old page and the new one is very simple. The new one uses xhtml 1.0 standard, which all browsers seem to like, whereas the old page used an older way of doing things that not all browsers supported in exactly the same way.

xhtml is basically html 4.01, modified to comply with the xml standard. The changes are small but important. They clear up some incompatibilities, such as this one with flash and other embedded files. They also make the rules governing the scripting of html stricter & less flexable so that it is easier for browsers to be compatible with one another.
So what you are saying in effect Cookie is that Mozilla cannmot cope with html 4.0

Not good that as most things have to be nackward compatible.

I made that site in 2003.

Would you let me have the changes required and where I place them in the code so that I can update all versions of Flash websites that I have done and do for other people. Just in case they have Mozilla.

What did you think of my other efforts.