I have always noticed that Most People have Cracked Screens on their Phones.

I have had a Cell Phone with a Control Touch Screen since 2012 and I once got a Small Crack on my previous Phone. But for my Present Phone, that I have had for just over a year now, has not had any problems with the Screen Cracking.

I figure the Solution I have for that is that I keep my Phone in the Front Left Pocket without anything else in the Pocket that could put Pressure on the Screen.

My Theory is that if you put Keys, Coins, Cash or Wallets in the same Pocket as your Cell Phone, the more stuff that can impact on your Cell Phone Screen causing it to Crack.

I also put the Phone in my Pocket with the Screen facing my Thigh saving it from any Outside Impacts.

Do any of you guys have any problems with your Cell Phone Screens Cracking?