In my new job as Theresa May's advisor...
Started by Chris Mitchell, 14th March 2019 12:16 in News & Current Affairs

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    Default In my new job as Theresa May's advisor...

    ...I have given her the perfect solution out of the Brexit impasse.

    On Monday, she should revoke Article 50.
    On Tuesday, she should invoke Article 50.

    Parliament, this evening, will probably vote to ask the EU for an extension to the leave date. All 27 other EU members have to agree for this to take place. Saint Nigel of Farridge has already spoken in the EU Parliament and urged member states to veto the UK's request, and other Brexit-supporting MPs are trying to urge Hungary and/or Poland to veto it, so we'd have to leave on 29 March. However, if Article 50 is revoked, all this goes out of the window - we're still in the EU, and don't need to ask for an extension, and it's already been legally determined that we can revoke Article 50 unilaterally without consent from the rest of the EU.

    Having done that, May could then invoke Article 50 the next day. Again, this can be done unilaterally, as any country can invoke Article 50 whenever they want. That would then give the UK two years to sort out a deal.

    Problem solved!
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    Default Re: In my new job as Theresa May's advisor...

    "Problem solved!"

    Always knew you were clever, no idea you are that clever.
    The European Union is Nazism under a new banner.
    Perrin is right about Cameron, on everything else he is wrong.
    Fork Me is a decent type, pity he's such a twat!


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