Not their Father!
Started by parsonstreet, 9th January 2019 01:22 in News & Current Affairs

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    What do you think of this case concerning the co founder of

    He raised three sons only to discover they weren't biologically his when his doctor told him he was infertile and had cystic fibrosis after he had divorced his first wife and tried for children with his new wife.

    Apparently paternity fraud is more common than we think. One man in America wanted to donate a kidney to his son only to discover he was not a match because he was not related to the boy.

    What I don't understand is why you wouldn't use contraceptive if you were going to have an affair.
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    Reminds me of an old Welsh joke about "Dai the Druid", who has a reputation for clairvoyance. A man tries him out by seeing if he knows the location of his old man, who is buried in the north corner of the village chapel cemetery. "Where is my father?" He asks Dai. Dai says, "your father is on a fishing holiday in Pembrokeshire". The bloke thinks, "what a load of rubbish, the man's a fraud".

    But he comes back next day just to reaffirm this. "OK Dai, I'll give you one last chance. Where is my father? Where is my mother's husband??".

    Dai replies, "your mother's husband is buried in the north corner of the village chapel cemetery. Your father is still on a fishing holiday in Pembrokeshire".


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