TheDruid 3X3
Here is the Canadian Election Results:

With the Bloc Quebecois having 32 Seats, if the Conservatives turn around and make a Motion of Non-Confidence in the Liberal Government, the Bloc will be go along with it and Topple The Government.

That will allow the Bloc Quebecois to then say to the People of Quebec, "There - The Federal Government System of Canada is Faulty and Does Not Work. We should Separate and create our own Country".

And then the Province of Quebec will have a 3rd Referendum to Separate from Canada.

So with the 32 Seats that the Bloc Quebecois have being able to Topple The Government, the Bloc now has the rest of Canada by the Throat.

You can take the frog out if frogland, but a frog is always a miserable, antisocial surrendermonkey.