Back from the dentist.
Started by Fork Me, 13th August 2019 18:38 in Talk & Chat

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    Default Back from the dentist.

    A filling fell out just before I left Cyprus. I was hoping to wait till I got back before dealing with it as dentists are generally cheaper there, but after being woken up in extreme pain yesterday, I had to book an emergency appointment today.

    So I now have one less nerve in my mouth and a replaced filling. 140. A lot of dosh, but less than I expected.
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    Default Re: Back from the dentist.

    I hate the dentist, hate the smell, hate the prodding and the poking, the scraping and the polishing. Luckily for me there seems to have been a change of policy in that they are now only recommending checkups once a year instead of every 6 months. And I only have 1 filling, don't ever want another one nor any of those other scary things I've heard about, root canals.
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