No - it didn't. I learned about Black Swans in primary school.

Even longer ago - Tchaikovsky knew about Black Swans

And even longer ago than that - back in the 'dark ages' before Australia was known about - people knew about Black Swans - they were rare. true - which is why they were considered a delicacy!
The definition of a swan could be open to revision. The definition of an even number is not. This is typical of parson's attempts to obfuscate with meaningless irrelevancies. He asked a question which is a perfectly reasonable one for a six year old to ask, he got a lot more patience than he deserves and a comprehensive answer, ignores it completely, introduces non-sequiturs all over the place, attempts to lecture people who know more than he does, quotes ignorant philosophical bullshit and generally runs around screaming no no you're wrong. I have pointed out his tactics before, I knew precisely what he was going to do the moment he posted the thread opener, and I deliberately engaged and carefully answered all his attempts to baffle me with nonsense just to show, once and for all, that he is a complete time waster who asks juvenile questions for the sole purpose trying - ridiculously - to look cleverer than anyone who answers.

He is the epitome of a pseudointellectual and a total waste of space.