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  1. Forum: Science & Astronomy POST: 24th August 2019, 13:12

    Re: G5

    Posted by BobBobson
    In full fruitloop disclosure, I will state once again that I first came to realise mobile RF radiation was harmful, from experiences on strong doses of mushrooms at an ancient Pictish hillfort in...

  2. Forum: Religion & Philosophy POST: 21st August 2019, 21:46
    You have never drunk Ayahuasca......

    .......and you never will.

  3. I have twice given financial advice on BC forums.

    In 2015, I told everyone to buy Bitcoin.

    In Mid 2019, I told everyone to buy Gold.

  4. I make those fucking 'fancy graphs and charts' myself you fucking tool.

    You can tell by the way it has my username 'MatTheCat' printed in the corner.

    Here....this is the ZEW forecast for August...

  5. Sure.....we can do it through a webinar.... hourly rate is 40.

  6. The whole world is....

    .....but things are looking particularly grim, for Germany and therefore for the entire Eurozone...

    ......check the econs for yourself:

  7. I agree.

    If it really 'comes to all that', you will have bigger problems to deal with than how much your gold pieces will sell for at some bullion vault in Zurich.....but history tells us that...

  8. It is not so wild a theory. There are many examples of seriously inflating currencies in the world today (Iran, Ukraine, Turkey) and in Venezuala's case, they are suffering hyperinflation and yes,...

  9. You haven't seen Germany's latest export figures have you? They (and the EU) aren't slipping into a recession, they are charging into a train wreck. There is big big trouble ahead for...

  10. Are the EU (Germany) really going to damage their exports even further by putting punitive tariffs on a post Brexit UK?

  11. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 12th August 2019, 21:28
    Coincidence Theorist....

    ....I like that...never heard it before either.

  12. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 12th August 2019, 10:35
    So are you suggesting that children whose fathers beat the shit out of them and perform lewd sex acts on them.....

    ......were bad people in a previous life and are simply receiving their just...

  13. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 10th August 2019, 23:18

    .....anyone who thinks he wasn't 'assisted' with his a fucking idiot.

    I refuse to even debate this matter with the likes of parson, above.

  14. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 10th August 2019, 21:56
    When since did you become a supporter of elite child sex trafficking rings?

  15. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 10th August 2019, 21:54
    Oh well......

    .......just one of those things I guess.

    At least Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, a whole bunch of Jewish Wall St people, Israeli politicians, Senators, etc etc etc......all get to...

  16. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 10th August 2019, 21:17
    They got to trial first.

  17. Forum: News & Current Affairs POST: 10th August 2019, 20:28
    Despite being on 24 hour suicide watch, Jeffrey Epstein has committed suicide in his police cell, apparently....

    .....oh well, I suppose...

  18. Forum: Brexit Forum POST: 10th August 2019, 19:34

    Brexit is causing the Solar Storm battering the Earth right now, playing havoc with out weather systems....

    This is the price we pay for Brexiteer bigotry and racism folks!

  19. Forum: Serious Discussion POST: 10th August 2019, 14:21
    Once upon a time, sodomy was considered an illegal act, including opposite sex sodomy.....

    .....since you openly admit to indulging in this heinous crime, I am afraid you would be right in line...

  20. Forum: Religion & Philosophy POST: 10th August 2019, 13:45
    I once had an experience like that, although I wouldn't describe it as floating around looking down on myself....I would describe it more as a sense of being outwith myself and having a very strong...
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