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Welcome to the BC Forums Rules page. To make these rules simple to read and understand, we have displayed them in normal size text, rather than the tiny text often used by other sites. We have also broken the rules down into easily identifiable sections, and have tried to write them in plain English as far as possible, since we have no reason to be secretive or furtive about our rules. To aid navigation, you can use the links below to go directly to a particular section. These links also appear after each section.

The following Rules will apply to you when using the BC Forums [hereafter referred to as 'BC'].

You agree to accept and be bound by these rules as outlined below each and every time you access the site. Should you not agree to the rules and not wish to be bound by them, then use of the BC website is prohibited to you and you must leave the site immediately and make no further attempt to access it.

We may alter, amend or these Rules from time to time without any prior notice to You. In addition to the specific rules, You agree also to be bound by any guidelines or announcements that are made during your membership of BC. In addition, when using particular sections of BC, You shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services which may be posted from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the Rules.

1. Definitions
These definitions shall apply to the rules in their entirety.
The term You or Your within these rules shall be accepted to refer to you, the user of BC. The term We or Us refers to the BC web site, and includes its staff and moderators. The term BC refers to this web site. The term Registration Information refers to any and all information that is provided by You to Us. The term Member refers to people who have registered an account with BC. The term Content refers to but is not confined to text, links or images found within this web site The term Confidential refers to any and all information which is not made available to the general public.

2. Acceptable Behaviour
Your use of BC shall be in accordance with these conditions, which are non-negotiable at all times and under all circumstances.
You understand that BC is a private facility offered to the public at the sole discretion of the administrators. You understand that use of the site may be withdrawn in whole or in part at any time without warning and without giving a reason. You understand that, while constructive criticism of the site is welcomed via the prescribed channels, any person who persists in insulting, demeaning, decrying, complaining or otherwise speaking in derogatory terms about BC, its content, its members, its moderators or its administrators, either on this site or on other sites, may result in us closing your account. Furthermore, if you decide you dislike the site, we would expect you to leave rather than cause disruption, and if you do not leave we may close or restrict your account. If you tell us you are leaving, or tell us to close your account, either in public or private, we may close or restrict your account and this action will not normally be reversed. If you have left the site, please do not use a second account to continue reading threads while continuing to give the impression that you have left - these accounts will be closed. If you are found to be, or suspected to be, orchestrating "campaigns" or other forms of trouble on other websites or elsewhere, which are deemed by the site staff to be detrimental to the wellbeing of the site, we may close or restrict your account. If you are unhappy with the way the site is run - please leave, as it is not going to change under any circumstances, we like it as it is.

You agree that you will not:

1. Post, transmit, upload, email or otherwise make available any content that you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or other legally binding relationships.
2. Post, transmit, upload, email or otherwise make available any content that in doing so infringes upon a trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any party. Short extracts from copyrighted work may be published in accordance with normal protocols, however the source must be credited and, where possible, linked to. BC may remove any material it believes does not comply with this requirement.
3. Post, transmit, upload, email or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses, computer code, programs or files that are designed to interrupt, limit the functionality of or destroy any computer hardware or software.
4. Post, transmit, upload, email or otherwise make available any content that is illegal, abusive, harassing, defamatory, confidential, harmful, threatening, vulgar, libellous, invasive of anotherís privacy, or ethnically, racially or otherwise objectionable.
5. Impersonate any person or entity. This includes but is not limited to, any BC team member, moderator or administrator. This further includes, but shall not be restricted to, any attempt to register a username which, in the opinion of the administrators, is a spoof or simulacra of an existing username, or may in any way cause any sort of confusion over who is really posting, whether intentional or otherwise.
6. Manipulate or forge headers or identifiers with the intention of disguising the origin of any content that you provide to the BC web site.
7. Register in excess of one account with Us without the prior knowledge and consent of the administrators. Should it come to our attention that you have registered more than one account, we may delete or suspend that account without prior notice.
8. Post in "txt spk". It is very difficult to read and totally unnecessary, as you have unlimited space in a post to type the word in full. We reserve the right to remove posts written in this way.

3. Forum Use
This section governs use of the discussion forum, and applies to all users either directly or indirectly, registered or otherwise.

You agree that you will not:

1. Provoke others or cause trouble. If you wish to argue with people then go to instant messenger or email. Forums such as "The Pit" MAY be used for personal arguments at the absolute discretion of the forums team, however this only applies if all parties to the argument consent to it.
2. Make personal attacks on anyone during your use of the forum. Do not abuse someone for example, because of their race, colour, sex, or religious beliefs.
3. Reignite inflammatory threads by creating new threads after existing threads on the same topic have been closed.
4. Use excessive and unnecessary bad language.
5. Attempt to take threads off-topic or make off-topic posts within threads.
6. Argue, query, dispute, discuss or draw attention to a moderator or administrator decision publicly. Any and all issues concerning a moderating decision should first be addressed to the admin team via personal message or email.
7. Reproduce messages sent using the forum Personal Messaging function on the forum or anywhere else without permission from the sender, unless requested to by an administrator for site administration purposes.
8. Have a signature larger than 300px wide by 100px high without the prior permission of the administrators. If your signature is larger than the allotted size given, you may be requested by a moderator to resize your image. Failing to append your signature when requested to by a member of Our staff will result in the removal of your signature. Signatures may not contain adverts of any sort unless previously agreed by Us. Please also keep text signatures under 4 lines.
9. Post, PM, VM or rep links to third party web sites or content unless given express permission to do so by a moderator or administrator. The exception to this condition is links which are shown to be relevant to any discussion taking place will be permitted within the context of that discussion. We may remove third party links at any time with or without explanation. Links to other forum sites, blogs or arcades are NOT permitted under ANY circumstances without prior approval from the administrators. NOTE THIS APPLIES TO POSTS, VISITOR MESSAGES, ARCADE COMMENTS, ALBUM COMMENTS, PERSONAL MESSAGING AND ANY OTHER AREA OF THE BOARD! Attempts to pass on unauthorised URLS are flagged up by the software and will be considered spam, resulting in possible restrictions being placed on your account.
10. Make posts complaining about the management of the forums, or about post deletions/edits, or about how bad you think the forums are. Any and all such complaints must be addressed to the administrators via email or Personal Message.
11. Make posts stating that you are leaving the forums. Whilst we are always sad to lose any member, if you no longer wish to participate in the forums, simply stop using your account. The administrators will be glad to hear any complaints you may have, but these must be addressed via email or personal message.
12. Publish or forward any Personal Message (PM) or Rep (Reputation Comment), or publish any email or other private communication.
14. Repost previously deleted or edited material. If We decide that a post or part of a post is not suitable then that decision is final. You may not repost it, and You may not post pointing out that you have had a post removed or edited. Discussion of deletions and edits causes disruption and unrest and is not permitted at any time. If You persist in reposting deleted and/or edited material, or if you persist in posting about such deletions and/or edits, We may decide to vet your posts prior to them appearing on the forum.
13. Make posts in any language other than English.
14. Libel the site, the site owners, or the site staff. If you are unhappy with a decision, take it to email or PM. Free speech does not extend to making libellous, untrue or offensive remarks towards the site or its staff. Whilst we are perfectly happy to receive constructive criticism, libellous remarks against Us will be removed, just as they are when directed against anyone else.
15. Post links, requests or other solicitations with regard to petitions, sponsorships or other events or materials unrelated to the operation of the forums, without the prior written consent of the forum management.
16. Discuss in public the reasons or motivations behind any member who is no longer active on the site - these matters cannot be discussed in the forum for privacy and data protection reasons.

You agree that:

1. We may, for content management purposes, move a forum thread to a more appropriate forum area if We feel that it is situated in the incorrect forum area.
2. We may, for content management purposes, close a thread. This would usually be because the discussion in the thread is not moving along, users are not covering new points, or that the discussion is going around in circles. We would also consider whether the discussion is interesting or motivates participation in the context of the forum subject matter.
3. We may delete, edit or alter any post, attachment or personal message at any time, without notice and without giving a reason. The decision of the administrators in all matters is final and binding at all times.
4. Posts submitted to and appearing on the forum express the views of the author ONLY and their appearance on the forum does not constitute approval or endorsement in any shape or form by the site owners.
5. Posts made by moderators and administrators should be taken to be their personal opinion only, and are not representative of the opinions of BC Forums, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

It should be remembered that BC aims for a censor-free environment. This means that you may be called names, and generally posted to in an abrasive way. Whilst we will always step in if things are getting out of hand, you agree that you will not get involved in an argument and then expect us to censor any adverse comment this may provoke. If you try to force us to step in and censor your opponents on the forum, you can expect that, in the interests of fairness, we may have to remove a considerable number of your own posts also to prevent the appearance of one-sided interference.

4. Third Party Websites
You accept that we cannot be held responsible for any third party Web sites that you may access through BC, and further agree that any third party content is not our responsibility. We do not endorse any third party Web sites or content unless clearly stated, and therefore cannot be held liable or responsible for any promotion, content, service or product that is located on a third party web site. We further cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage, offence that may be caused, or that you allege has been caused by third party content or Web sites
All and any contact that you have with third party traders or Web sites that you may come into contact with during your use of BC, including but not limited to payments for products or services, any conditions made, warranties offered, or contracts entered into, are your responsibility and not the responsibility of BC.

5. Personal Messages
The Personal Message (PM) system is designed to allow members to contact each other via the site. It is not designed as an alternative to email. PM rights are not normally given to new members immediately, and will only be considered when 100 posts have been made by the member. We are under no obligation to give You PM rights even after this time, and we will not give a reason for not doing so. The PM system is not to be considered 100% private. Whilst We do not routinely screen or monitor every message, We reserve the absolute right to access and view any or all of your messages where We consider it necessary to do so in the interests of the good management of the site. PM facilities must never be used to send abuse, start an argument, or to promote any other website. Please be aware that any attempt to send a Universal Resource Locator (URL, otherwise known as a web address) via PM will be automatically flagged up to the administrators who may take action against your account. All rules of posting also apply to PMs. Members may not use PMs, VMs or any other feature of the BC website to invite/recruit members to other communities. USE OF THE PM FACILITY IS SUBJECT TO OUR PM POLICY. Agreement to these rules constitutes acceptance of the PM Policy in full.

6. Copyright
BC takes copyright very seriously. When posting about an article or news item found elsewhere on the internet or in any other media, You may not post the entire article. You may only post an excerpt or summary of the article, which MUST be accompanied by a link or other attribution making clear the source of the material posted. Any complete articles posted, or any articles posted without a source, will be edited and/or deleted by Us without warning. Any complaints about our adherence to local and international copyright law need to be directed to your Member of Parliament, Congressman or other political representative, not to Us. Please also do not simply post a link to an article without any comment or other contribution of your own: BC is a discussion forum, not a collection of links to external sites.
Anyone having any concerns about copyright is asked to contact the site owners using the contact link at the top of the page. Complaints made directly to the host will simply be passed back to us as per the DMCA.

7. Our Rights
You will acknowledge and accept that the BC site contains a large and varied amount of content. We do not check content posted by you prior to it being placed on the web site. We therefore reserve the right to remove or delete in part or in its entirety any content that you submit should We feel that it violate these Rules, or any guidelines or announcements that may be available to view elsewhere on BC. We are neither liable nor responsible for the content that you submit. We will monitor such content as appropriate and act accordingly should we be informed of any objectionable material.
You will acknowledge and accept that all content posted on this site remains the property of the author, however the author grants to Us irrevocable consent to display the posted material on Our site. You acknowledge that You are the author of each message posted and BC are the publishers. Each member has 30 minutes to edit or delete their post from the time posted, after this time your posts cannot be altered or removed. You may submit a request to the site moderators to edit or delete your post after the 30 minutes. We will not however, be under any obligation to accept requests to edit or delete a post or a significant amount or all your posts in their entirety.
If you request your account to be deleted you acknowledge and accept that we are under no obligation to to agree to this, nor to edit or delete all your posts submitted on the site. You also agree that by requesting to have your account deleted, you irrevocably authorise Us to publish your request (regardless of medium) in its entirety in the public forum without prior notice. This is to counter any attempt by You, now or in the future, to claim, suggest or otherwise imply that the removal of your account was in fact a ban forced upon you by Us.
You will acknowledge and accept that we have the right to temporarily or permanently remove your ability to post content, and that we further have the right to ban you from the BC Forums should you break any of these Rules. We also have the right to restrict your access to any specific part of the site, or to require all your postings to be pre-approved. We need not give a reason for any of this.
You acknowledge and accept that in certain circumstances we have the right to provide information to your ISP at our discretion following but not limited to severe disruption by you, the provision of illegal or abusive content, any attempts made by you to re-register after being banned, or for any other reason that involves you breaking these Rules.
You will acknowledge that reproduction of material from this web site without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.
You acknowledge and accept that if you are banned from use of the BC web site, you will not in any way attempt to re-register using any other name or identity not known to us, or any other email address not known to us. If you do so, we will pursue the maximum penalty available under your Internet Service Providerís Acceptable Use Policy.
You acknowledge and accept that the BC server is a private one, and we are not obliged to allow anyone any access or right of posting, regardless of circumstances.

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