Personal Message Policy

Personal Message (PM) System
The PM system is a way for forum members to communicate with one another using the same interface used for posting within the forums, allowing you to be more expressive than standard email because you can use emoticons and BB code. While we're glad we can provide such an invaluable resource to you, please keep the following policy in mind. Use of the PM system constitutes acceptance of this policy.
  1. Use of the PM system is a privilege, not a right. Members who abuse the system will be denied access to the PM system.
  2. Forward any inappropriate PM to a moderator or administrator immediately.
  3. All forum rules apply in the PM system. THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.
  4. Don't post anything in the forums that you received by PM unless directed otherwise.
  5. The privacy of the PM system is not absolute. The administrators of this site do not routinely monitor PMs, but they reserve the right to review the contents of the PM system. Specifically, but not limited to:
  • If we are presented with a request from any body which has the lawful authority to make such a request.
  • If we are presented with reasonable evidence that a PM breaks either this policy or the forum rules.
  • If we have reasonable need to do so to maintain the good order and management of the site.
  • If we have reason to believe that you may be a danger to yourself and others and are looking for anyway to assist police and other emergency services in tracking you down.
  • If we have reason to believe you or another person are in immediate danger and we're trying to assist emergency services and police in tracking you down
When we determine a situation has occurred where it is necessary for us to review the PM system, we will do so without warning or notification.

If you are unwilling to abide by these rules, please EMAIL the administrator immediately and we will remove your access to the PM system. This will not affect your ability to use the forums in any way.

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