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    Not really following the US election. I just assume that Trump is going to prevail. He isn't going to get impeached cos Republican congressmen aren't going to vote to impeach him. The Democrat involved in Trump being incriminated, is clearly guilty of...
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    What is urgent? The globalist ambition to rapidly ramp up the process of centralising levers of control over the global population, using various scare stories such as "we have just 12 years to save the Earth" to coerce people and existing political...
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    No matter what you think of Farage, Brexit is the single biggest political issue of our time. We voted for it, but we are being told that we can't have it. Vote Brexit Party ffs.
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    Fingers crossed! :dropdead:
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    Yeah...but there may still be some landlines.... Hey Forkers! I hear walking on the Kosovan Moors is lovely this time of year.
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    Why? What is wrong with you?
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    Yes, and I can vouch that you will either lose the shirt off your back. ......or get a string of beginners luck, get addicted, think you are a genius, then proceed to lose your shirt, your shoes, and your underpants..... .....but for those who...
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    Why the fuck would anyone with a GBFO pension want to go and stack shelves in a supermarket? Done that as a teenager after school, and absolutely fucking hated it. Horrible environment, boring work, surrounded by fucking mongol retard workmates with...
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    Lacking a privileged education at one of Britain's top schools, I would do what the firemen told me to do, and go back into the blazing inferno.....after all, they are the professionals and they know best.
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    BobBobson replied to the thread Equity release in Talk & Chat
    Some people do! And others are just selfish old :xs. In my own extended family, I have seen a wife die, who had inherited a shit ton of money which was then passed on to her husbands control, and then the husband proceed to find a new wife half his...
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    BobBobson replied to the thread I love Corbyn in Brexit Forum
    What makes you think he even wants to, or even cares? He is a showman, brought in to (mis)handle Brexit, and he has largely succeeded. Brexit Party's polling has plummeted, cos Boris has convinced the electorate that he has tried his best to deliver a...
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    BobBobson replied to the thread I love Corbyn in Brexit Forum
    There is no Brexit with a good deal. All Boris's Brexit Deal is, is Tereasa May's Brexit deal, but with the NI backstop dropped. Still, the dullion electorate seems to have swallowed it so if the Tories get in, It will be a super soft Brexit. If a...
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    What, you mean Saudis are written into the plot, in order that coming out and blaming them, and then nailing them, at a later date, could seem like a 'radical' and anti-military industrial complex thing to do.......when actually, it is the MIC who is...
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    The American people are too stupid to vote for Tulsi Gabbard..... .......and besides that, it wasn't just the Saudis, it was Mossad and elements within the US intelligence and establishment that made 9/11 happen........(she probably knows this of course,...
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    Labour got a big lift in the last election thanks to Corbyn. For the first time in a long time, there seemed to be a leader of a major political party with integrity and his heart in the right place, whether you fully agreed with his policies or not..... ...
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    Brexit Party, surely!
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    Worth it just to see the almost certain wipeout of Tom Watson.
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    That was conventional wisdom. Genetic testing however shows that their are native americans in Latin America, who are descended from Indonesians etc, whereas there is no trace of these Genomes in native populations in the North. It suggests that at some...
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    BobBobson replied to the thread Abba in Talk & Chat could anyone ever have been bothered with that shit! Imagine tripping hard out your balls, and having to go and dick around with a Record Player every 10 minutes.
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    They'll get the result they want. They will throw the fucking kitchen sink at it. The 3 to 1 Remain V Leave campaign spending will be more like 30 to 1. There will be pro EU/Remain subliminal messages getting beamed into your head in every direction that...
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    Utter bullshit. You think it was nice diplomatic words that stopped Erdogan in his tracks or the very real threat of sanctions? (knowing you, you probably really do think it was the former)
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    ......yeah, he put the letter in the round file.... .....and then called a halt to Turkey's advance into Kurdish Syria.
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