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  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    Are you suggesting that we should not educate the majority of the population, but only those rich enough to pay? But then we'd end up as a third world country, like Indonesia. Oh...
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    For the fist time in fifty years I need glasses only for reading.....and I am instructed to visit Specsavers in ONE MONTH.
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    Bill knows that....He asked why!
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Didn't Theresa May shovel 192BN into Brussels? What was that for?
  • Plutonium's Avatar
    If you don't like your next door neighbours, you have the option of moving. A nation cannot do that. We have to live with the countries that are our neighbours. It is duly noted that you don't like the French, or even one of the constituent nations of the UK,...
  • Plutonium's Avatar
    Plutonium replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    Kino/The Druid has always done that, it's just part of his style.
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    Interest quote from a newspaper here: "Britain faces shortages of fuel, food and medicine, a three-month meltdown at its ports, a hard border with Ireland and rising costs in social care in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to an unprecedented leak...
  • Chris Mitchell's Avatar
    The function of schools should be to educate people, give them a decent standard of literacy and numeracy, equip them for life, and encourage the sense of adventure and curiosity that makes us human. My comprehensive school was good at doing that, both for...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    I am wondering what the aim of private schools actually are. They seem to be a lot about networking and giving ones children an inordinate advantage. The children of the rich could compete with everyone else in grammar schools. Even when well to do...
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Dordie replied to the thread Good luck, Dordie in Talk & Chat
    "something of a success" is not bad either I'll tell the surgeon that when I go for a check.
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Private schools? He's got shit lifting on his filth
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Dordie replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    He turned the plane upside down and fell out
  • Dordie's Avatar
    Dordie replied to the thread Hess's Plane? in Talk & Chat
    My Dad was stationed at Barhead Nr Paisley and was one of Hess's guards.
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Including drugs, prostitutes, weapons of mass destruction or buying political influence? What they are spending their money on is disadvantaging other people. No child deserves a better education than anyone else and education is now considered a human...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    How many examples of this can you give? There have been a few famous cases of hapless lottery winners but most working class people don't have access to millions of pounds. However there are many examples of rich people losing money, spending it on...
  • parsonstreet's Avatar
    Anne Widdicombe went to a preparatory school in Bath. She failed her eleven plus and then she took two degrees one funded by the public and the other by her family and got a third in both yet she made millions as a politician in a safe Tory seat. Give...
  • Plutonium's Avatar
    Yes, we have turned our backs on our closest neighbours. Ridiculous.
  • Plutonium's Avatar
    We had a referendum in 1975 and the difference between the number of people voting Yes to Europe (including Mrs Thatcher BTW) and those voting No, was larger than the number of people voting No. In 1983, Labour stood on a platform of leaving the EEC; the...
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    Actually I just managed to replicate your problem.

    I have tracked down the issue. You should be able to post ok now.
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    I just managed to make a test post ok from your login.
    Please go here:
    and tell me what browser the forum thinks you are running.
  3. Mysticaljourne -
    hello Druid! Thanks for adding me. I am looking forward to looking through your forums... Quick question and you know I will ask. is there a thread where I can advertise my store? Hee hee. Much love honey.
  4. honey -
    Thank you
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    im not in the forums as much as games but if any, yours would be the most visited threads...maybe ill try more around festive periods...cheers!
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    me too kino
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    merry christmas mate
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    lets do it
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