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    That's fascinating. Now then... tell me what a statistical analysis is. In particular describe the one you did. What did you analyse? How did you analyse it? In what way was it statistical? Which specific statistical functions were involved in your method?
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    It's sinking. Hello?
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    And protein is an essential part of my diet, but saying that doesn't prove that I know what it is. Try again. How low to pitch when I explain to you what a statistical analysis is. You may as well know, there are at least four people on this board who do...
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    Let's assume that it is. Educate me.
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    I'm sure he can, but let's assume that I don't know what one of those is. Explain it to me. In your own words.
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    So, if climate change is the reason for the worst flooding for 50 years what was the cause of the even worse one 50 years ago? And the even worse one 20 years before that? And the fact that Canaletto's paintings made over 200 years ago clearly show buildings...
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    No worries, I know how much you love to talk about yourself. Carry on.
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    Memnoch replied to the thread Hong Kong in News & Current Affairs
    Which is precisely what people say when a potentially interesting topic gets noticed and infected by you. :rolleyes:
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    And you've got all of them and it's all someone else's fault and the universe has a personal grudge against you and you need pity and other people's money to compensate you for your miserable existence. Yeah, we get it, you're the victim and everyone else is...
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    I would guess that most - or possibly all - people who have ever lived have entertained the notion. I don't think it reveals much. I don't even suppose that how you felt when you had the idea reveals much. How you felt when you thought about the details of...
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    The bit about puffins being classed as fish was recent... 17th Century. The prohibition against meat on Friday must therefore be older than that. Ah, well, you see my only vice is tiddlywinks and the local club only plays on Fridays so I can't ever be a...
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    For the singular reason that you read it in one of your filosofy pamphlets and assumed it was an intellectual position and that people would think you are smart if you repeat it. It isn't and we don't cos you're not. HTH
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    I thought the idea was to refrain from eating meat (of any warm blooded animal) on Friday in commemoration of Jesus' sacrifice (on Good Friday). The definition was evidently quite loose and the church officially classified puffins as fish so you can eat them...
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    When Britain's lease on HK expired in 1997, it was agreed that it would retain a "high degree of autonomy" for fifty years... a sort of temporary Chinese equivalent of Gibraltar. No one actually defined that "high degree" and it clearly didn't rule out...
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    Stupid assumption. I don't deny responsibility for myself. I never have. You always do and that places me infinitely farther up the evolutionary ladder than someone like you could ever begin to imagine.
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    Memnoch replied to the thread Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night in Halloween
    I feel your pain, but you may as well ask a dog not to defecate in public. It is incapable of understanding why so unless you're prepared to condition it by force you've got no chance.
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    And yet the media seem consumed with the activities of minor royals - surely of interest to no one with a life? :s8
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    A woman has been fined 1500 for complaining about a smelly egg on a train. She went to court accused of racially motivated abuse because the person she complained about is a foreigner. What they actually fined her for was intentionally causing harassment...
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