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    It's the Science and Technology Select Committee. They want private ownership banned and everyone using public transport or taxis. Yes because going to work and back every day in a taxi rather than your own car improves the environment, how exactly? ...
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    Chris Mitchell replied to the thread G5 in Science & Astronomy
    Was that the same mushroom trip when the WiFi started talking to you?
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    So MPs (you don't say who, or how influential they are) want to ban cars, but it won't happen in your lifetime. Haven't you always said that what happens after you're dead is of little concern to you?
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    Chris Mitchell replied to the thread HS2 in Serious Discussion
    HS2 isn't a bad idea in principle, but I do wonder if the money wouldn't be better spent on reinstating a lot of railway lines that were axed by Beeching, so we have a more extensive network. It also needs to be treated as part of our country's...
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    Chris Mitchell replied to the thread Rationing? in Brexit Forum
    Yes, that sort of Brexit would have its upside. No eating of large pies, meat heavily rationed, and no private cars permitted, so that fuel can be conserved. It would lead to a healthier and fitter society, and I'm sure that Scrot would be the first to...
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    Scott’s home early.....
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    You Are an Plain M&M You are conventional and down to earth. You have an easy time fitting in. You are popular, and you tend to have a solid group of friends. You are easy to get along with. You love to enjoy treats, but you never overindulge. You're...
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    sphinx replied to the thread Rationing? in Brexit Forum
    Excellent idea. There were no fat people in the rationing years, and the health of the nation was in far better form than it is today. :yup2:
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    I am in Cornwall, and it has been blisteringly hot all week.....with today the hottest yet! :o
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    Scrotnig replied to the thread Rationing? in Brexit Forum
    We haven’t left yet, so any shortage is being artificially created by pharmaceutical companies trying to increase the price.
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    Alice replied to the thread Rationing? in Brexit Forum
    We haven't been able to get any epi-pens in school because of Brexit. Kids who need them can still get them but schools are also required to have some in case of emergencies but we can't get them anywhere. Out of stock and no-one knows when they'll be...
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    Finally the truth is coming out. A committee of MPs has stated that private car ownership....even electric “not compatible with climate change measures” and has called on the government to outlaw private car ownership completely. Indeed. I have...
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    Scrotnig posted a new thread Rationing? in Brexit Forum
    The latest leftie shite about Brexit is that wartime style food rationing will have to be brought in. They claim the government has already drawn up plans which will not be announced until after the (not even happening) election. The scaremongering is...
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    Very hot in Leicester today with bright sunshine.
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    Alice replied to the thread HS2 in Serious Discussion
    Can't they just upgrade what we've got. Talking of train lines, I see Virgin has lost the West Coast Mainline franchise from December. They've been replaced by the much more easy to remember First Trenitalia. :rolleyes:
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    Alice replied to the thread HS2 in Serious Discussion
    I remember reading somewhere that they had been busy compulsory purchasing swathes of the Cheshire countryside for it. Can't remember which comedian it was, might have been that Scouse one whose name temporarily escapes me, but apparently he made a fair...
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    It's been a funny old summer. Pissing down one minute, blistering the next. It's unusual to have nice bank holiday weekend weather and it suits my plans so I'm not complaining.
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    Alice replied to the thread HS2 in Serious Discussion
    How do people get to Birmingham now from London?
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    I have been watching to see if Trump will do something about the Raid Area 51 Event. If I was him, I would Declare being for the Movement and actually Order the Base Opened for Viewing and actually arrive to accompany the First Raiders in. That would be...
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    yes, drop round for a tea or coffee, I'm not usually busy!
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    I'm there till about four each day.
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    Next time you come, look me up, Last Bookshop Walton Street, two blocks behind the Friends Meeting House, would be enormous fun to see you!
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    This is like writing on your Facebook wall too!!
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    can you lend me a tenner plz?
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    Thanks for the rep once again.
    Inquiring minds Need questions answered
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    Thanks Chris
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    Hello Chris & thank you
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    That's brilliant Chris !
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