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Posted by Dordie on 29th August 2010 at 11:42 (4633 Views)
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My Daughter is now in Corfu...How did she manage it?
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'I am going on August 28th, from Gatwick' 'I have started a new job and though I am pushing it, I have just enough money for the trip'

How are you getting to Gatwick I asked...don't know was her reply. I offered to drive her there - a round tip of 260 miles - she asked how much I would charge her, I replied nothing, I will take you down there for free. She accepted.

Later it dawned on holiday weekend...calamity Jane at work again, my daughter is renowned for it. Got in touch to tell her we must leave early.

The day before we were to leave I got a phone call from her....'I have a proposition Dad, perhaps you will agree perhaps not. I replied that I would probably not but let's hear it.

Well! You know the money you would have spent on petrol...yes! If you transfer that to my bank account, I can get a train for that price.....give me your bank details then, suited me. 'I will call round to pick you up and run you to the station'. Job done.

I tracked her flight, she would be arriving at Corfu airport at 11pm (9pm bst) my brother had arranged to drive the 40km from his home to pick her up.

At 10pm (bst) Midnight corfu time, my phone rang. Dad, I have been here an hour and your brother is nowhere to be seen, I hope he's not had an accident or something...all I have is the 20 Euro you gave me at the station, all my holiday money has been wired to castaway travel in Acharavi. I told her I would call her back....I phoned my brother's house twice, no answer, so I phoned her bloody tell her the score and that there was very little I could do from here. I can see a car coming, she said, I hope it's your brother!.....She said it is, thank goodness. I could hear my brother shouting, they were at departures, not arrivals. She had wandered to departures instead of staying put.

I won't see my brother until a week on Monday, perhaps that will be time enough for him to calm down.

I think it is better to be born male than female....don't you!
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    Oh dear! At least it all turned out ok in the end.


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